Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog Training (formerly named SitStayFetch) has been revamped and was officially launched on February 2, 2009. SitStayFetch has been the top selling dog training course for over four years, and it has been bought by over 216,000 dog owners world-wide. Having reviewed it in great detail, I can fully understand why it continues to hold the top spot in the dog training arena. Secrets to Dog Training promises to be even better!

Rescuing Sprite By Mark R Levin - A Story of Love and Loss:
In Rescuing Sprite, Mark R. Levin tells us the heart wrenching but uplifting and inspirational story of his dog Sprite. Anyone who has gone through a sickness and eventual death of a pet should read this book.

How About a Baby Dinosaur for a Pet - Tortoise Book Review:
Not long ago, I was speaking to a wildlife biologist about the endangered Desert Tortoise, what an incredible species. As an expert she explained all the idiosyncrasies with this "baby dinosaur" as she called them, about their burrows, choice of food, ability to blend in, along with its predators such as the desert fox, and the road runners and black crows which eat tortoise eggs when they can find them. Unfortunately, amongst the predators, we can also add mankind, you see off roaders and people not paying attention often run them over, accidently of course.

The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein - A Dog's Life:
In The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein tells the story of a dog through the dog's voice. Lots of people compare it to Marley & Me, except it is very different from that book. This is a book that will make even the hardened laugh and cry and experience every emotion known to man.

Understanding the Best Rabbit Food:
If you have recently taken possession of a cute little bunny then you will need to make sure you get hold of a supply of the right rabbit food. There are actually a range of options available from pet stores, this does not make the task any easier. The following information should give you a better understanding of exactly what you should be giving to your new pet.

SitStayFetch Dog Obedience Training Guide:
"SitStayFetch" is one of the most popular dog training products on the market written by Daniel Stevens, an experienced dog trainer, for every dog owners who know that the experience of training their dog has or will continue to establish a better relationship with their four legs friend. First when I read SitStayFetch ebook, I was surprised at lots of information has been covered. The 186 page book is broken down into different sections step-by-step, each one dealing with a different aspect of dog ownership.

Animals Make Us Human By Temple Grandin - Dogs Are Part of the Family:
In Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin brings us together with our dogs by making us understand that in essence dogs feel the same things that we as humans do. Grandin is a person with autism and acutely understands how dogs make us human.

Three Wonderful Pet Care Book Reviews:
This guide offers you all the facts you'll need to value sustainability in the framework of pet parenting and equips you with the knowledge to choose wisely for you, your pet, as well as the environment. It outlines the environmental costs of pet ownership and offers a variety of environmental friendly choices for every family with pets, such as selecting pet food; purchasing pet toys (who knew?) and equipment; getting rid of your pet's waste and steering clear of household toxins.
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