Seperating Your Credit Profiles

Have you ever wondered how to build a separate profile from your personal credit? It can be done. You can even obtain financing in just the company name.

Merits of Credit Cards:
This article shows the advantages of having a credit card. It ends with explaining that these merits come with a caveat.

Credit and Debit Card Skimmers:
You might have heard this term on TV or read about it in the newspaper, but what is it and how can you protect yourself and your credit card? Credit Card Skimming in where someone will intercept your credit card data either directly or indirectly.

Shocking Advice! Use Your Credit Cards More Often Than Your Debit Cards:
Given the dangers of getting into serious debt with credit cards and the greed inherent in human nature, it may indeed shock many that I am advocating the use of credit cards rather than sticking to the safer debit cards. Yet, as credit cards enjoy some obvious advantages over debit cards, it would be smart to use them provided we are smart enough to use them judiciously.

The Good and Bad of Credit Debt:
Credit is a very important part of our financial profile. It takes credit and debt to help define your status as a borrower. Too little credit can flag you as a risk, but so can too much credit debt. So where's the balance?

Self Help Credit Repair: Take Control of Your Credit Score When Opening A Home Based Business:
This article is intended to help you realize that you have all of the necessary tools that you need in order to understand and control your credit score. There are many companies that try to lure you in with the promise of fixing your credit and raising your score. Why would you pay for someone to do this and waste your hard earned money when you can do self help credit repair yourself?
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