The 20 Rules of Money

Money rules. There's no doubt about that but what you do with the one you have can ultimately decide your financial freedom. And here's 20 Rules of Money where you get to learn how to manage money and put in where it's supposed to be to avoid regrets later in life.

Valuing Your Business:
Continued from Part 1, in this article, we will discuss two of the five methods of business valuation: intrinsic value and investment value. Intrinsic value: To determine the Intrinsic Value of a business, a valuator will compare the difference between the business's value as calculated through a valuation with the value of the business being traded in the open market. Expressing this numerically, if Acme, Inc.

Key Medicare Annual Enrollment Choices:
Medicare choices during the Annual Enrollment Period are confusing. However, there are some key choices to consider before deciding on a specific plan. This article sorts those out so making your specific choices are easier.

A Candid Interview With the "First American" Tony Salzman - How Did This Tiger Earn His Stripes?:

As I sat across from Anthony Salzman, better known in the media as "The First American", I couldn't help but wonder what in the world could rattle such a charismatic, over-achieving, innovating man. Well, let me tell you not very much...

15 Effective Ways to Save Money by Reducing Your Gas Costs:
Taking care of small things in your everyday life can make big differences for you in the present as well as your future days. Due to the recession and recent turmoil, oil and gas prices have hiked to over double the usual ones. You would of course have noticed the unusual price ramble in gas costs unless you don't own a car, you haven't noticed the boost in public transport fares, you own a gas station yourself or you earn as much as Bill Gates does.

The Profit First Professional:
Businesses the world over make money, but only a percentage of those that are generating decent revenues end up making profit. Why is this so? What are the things that force even those that have stable sources of revenue, and decent growth to go under?

The Various Types of Financial Tips for Startup Companies:
You should be aware of different types of funding options that are available for successful operation of your business. You must acquire loans provided by the Small Business Administration, sell your current products before the scheduled time and take the help of your friends and family members.
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