The China-Burma-India Hump Series: Episode III

Episode III: The China-Burma-India Hump Series is a collection of short fiction episodes; the series features our protagonist Sergeant Trevor E. Sloan, a World War II Air Corpsman. This is a work of fiction, although some publishers consider this type of story to be a creative non-fiction. Names and characters are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real; although the World War II events, theatre missions, geographic locales, air bases, air fields, and major leaders are real, any resemblance to other persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Abby's Fortune:
Abby is a poor woman with no money. She meets a man with hidden gold coins on his ranch until Abby finds them.

Just a 1920s Country Boy Series: Episode III:
This short fiction, Episode III, deals with the life of 12-year-old Billy Gallaher and his friends. Billy is a farm boy who's recently lost his father and his world is changing, but he's still a boy and loves the freedom availed to youngsters during the 1920s.

Another Woman:
When his wife returns from a month-long sabbatical, the changes in her appearance and her forgetfulness make him apprehensive. Working as a case officer for the German counter terrorist unit, his job is to analyze the data and take appropriate counter measure. However, this is his wife. He wonders if he is being overly paranoid or if she is another woman. He has to do something.

Smile Daddy Please:
The mistress. Sonnets have been written about her in literature from ancient times to modern society. She has her place, her role to play in the world at large. She is a possession. Her beauty is a myth. Beyond the understanding of the female who is homely, forgiving of her husband's indiscretions, keeping a watchful eye over her progeny, her husband's whims and fancies as she prepares his breakfasts, worships the very ground he walks on by making life as easy for him as she can, swooping in like a scorpion to protect him, all of him, and the pedestal on which she puts him. The mistress has her place. And the wife most certainly has hers. But who is the winner at the end of the day? Who has to overcome the most challenges? Who has the best life? The woman who is kept waiting in the shadows in love, war, peace, reconciliation, negotiation, or the woman with the spacious house in which to raise her young family. The woman who is blessed with the knowledge that she has that ring on her finger. The woman who has the joint banking account, and is married in community of property.
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