The Future Of The World (Humor)

An old manuscript was found in the attic of the legend Migel Nostrildamous, a seer of the 1500s who could smell the future. It is written in his own handwriting and it foretells events in the not-so-distant future. And it doesn't smell good.

The Art Of Moving Your Stuff:
Come with me and read my spontaneously situation to move a mattress from my 5-story apartment. You might have some tips to learn.

Satan's Angels:
This story is one long ramble, sounds peculiar to me, and involves how concentration camps in the 1940s got me thinking about life, the universe and everything. I met Woody Allen once, read Mein Kampf, and otherwise am worried about internment FEMA camps in the United States. I'm more left than right-winger, don't want to bomb Israel, and am hoping you might consider giving me some serious and not stupid advice.

Boon or Bane: SAP Survival Kit - Volunteers, Tasks and Roles:
Does everybody know what his/her role is? Have we got a precise and well-structured definition of roles and tasks? Did/Do we consciously take care of a sound and open-minded identification of any sound project? It might be greatly expressed like this: "You will get the most important assignment in your entire career - not knowing that you are entitled to fulfill a decent job in reality." The necessary hints and hunches regarding volunteers as well as tasks and roles is surely another exciting topic to ponder about more intensively in this article.

Superficiality: I Appear To Be, Therefore I Am:
"Appearance" plays a major role in today's society, where one's focus too often is on "images" of success and achievement, rather than proof of accomplishment. In short, we tend to accept what we see without ferreting out what we need to know.

5 Hilarious Hoaxes of Benjamin Franklin:
We all know Benjamin Franklin was a founding father, the discoverer of electricity and on the hundred dollar bill. But what you might not know is that he was a notorious prankster and always looking for a way to get one-up on his enemies.

Seducing the Post-Economic Crisis Woman:
Romance these days is not what it used to be. In the past, you could sidle up to some breathless young thing who was just waiting by the wall paper for you to come over and speak to her and if you didn't... well; her life as she knew it was over.
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