The Rules for Volunteer Drivers Driving a Minibus

A full car driving licence obtained after 1996 permits the holder to drive a vehicle with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers, providing the gross weight does not exceed 3500kgs. There is a dispensation for a volunteer to drive a Minibus with a higher capacity of 16 passengers, providing the gross weight * does not exceed 3500kgs, unless the Minibus is modified for the carriage of disabled persons, when the gross weight may be as high as 4250kgs. The definition of "modified for the carriage of disabled persons", has not been tested...

Considerations in Manufacturing Healthcare Vehicles:
Whether it is a hospital or a dental center or a drug testing clinic or a blood collection center, vehicles are required to transport patients and medical equipments on a regular basis. The healthcare vehicles, however, need to have extra space and facilities to provide the necessary safety and comfort to the patients and other travelers. Some of these vehicles need to be equipped with certain medical equipments like a bed or oxygen facilities etc depending on the purpose for which they are to be used.

Van Hire: Things to Know:
Van hire can be useful for a number of reasons. Whether you are going for a trip or are relocating, you need the right van hire service. Here is a look.

Used Van Parts: Tips on Buying a Used Volkswagen Van:
There are many types on van on the market and choosing which is for you can be tricky. Each van make and model has it's own specs and uniqueness, making it differ from another. Knowing what to look out for when looking for either a new or indeed and old van can be tricky.

Why to Put Your Trust in Removal Companies?:
People often move to different places in need of jobs or due to office posting. Some people also move to different places because they are tired of their city's environment and the routine work. In order to change their monotonous routine or due to other reasons they plan to shift or relocate in a different city. But the thought that they have to shift their entire house material to a new residence makes them feel strained. They consider this task time consuming and boring.

Van Parts - Keeping Petrol Tanks Full Up!:
Do you usually keep your petrol tank full up or do you leave the dial go down and down until you cannot avoid it any longer? Well there are reasons why you should in fact try to keep your petrol tank filled up at all times, particularly in the winter months.

Work Vans In the Driveway and Municipal Ordinances - Home Based Business Strategy:
Well after franchising my company all over the US in 23-states, I sure learned a lot about local politics and witnessed so many archaic rules at every level of government. One rule that we ran into was a city that allowed one of our franchisees a business license to operate his business from his home, but they had a rule that no work vehicle with signage could be parked out front, or in the driveway. Our franchisee built a side carport, but that wasn't good enough, as the back of his service van could still be seen from the street and it had advertising on it.

The Finance Lease Option and Why Ford Transit Custom Is So Attractive a Lease:
Van leasing is a common and popular option among business owners. Varied finance methods are available for those who are interested for leasing a van.

Van Parts - The New Ford Transit Custom:
Ford have produced it's new Transit Custom and you could say that they have done a good job in the field of safety. They have recently earned a five star safety rating from Euro NCAP for this vehicle together with another of Ford's vehicles the Tourneo Custom.
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