Used Books: Where To Find Them And Why They're Such A Charm

The popularity of purchasing used books seems to be rising with more people opting for cheap books still in good condition. Some say there's nothing like the smell of new prints and stepping into an upscale store that carries expensive titles.

5 Reasons Why Hardcover Books Are Still Popular:
Reading is, for many people, a fundamental part of their lives. They have all different options these days for selecting their literary material. What exactly is it about hardcover books that make them stand out from the rest?

Breaking the Chains to Freedom: Finding the Power Within You by Esther Adler:
Adler wrote Breaking the Chains to Freedom: Finding the Power within You as part memoir, part self-help book for those who practice victim mentality or have experienced-or currently are experiencing-a major life transition, to help them move through and beyond the trauma. The book takes you through how her own victim mentality took root and played out in her life; her transformation from victim to spiritual life warrior; and shares inspirational narrative and exercises to help you shift from emotional pain to freedom, happiness, and spiritual strength.

Zara's Curse by Andrew Domonkos - A Book Review:
A short review of the book Zara's Curse, by Andrew Domonkos. Zara's Curse is a fun new vampire romance. This book is irreverent, offbeat, and wholly amusing. Check out my review!

Sirantha Jax:
Before diving right in to the pool of this mystifying series, let me just mention for the readers' benefit that it is a futuristic book that features technology far beyond our normal everyday imaginations. Not only is the series about the future, it is more specifically about space and time. The universe, or space for that matter, is endless and limitless and the technology we have today confirms that our space shuttles cannot progress much if they continue to move in a straight line.

From Humble Beginnings:
This is a book by a New Author, About love, romance, corporate backbiting, the difficulties in trying to retain a chunk of the huge global market as well as the interference from locals. From the mafia to insurance fraud, Joe Steel sees it all in his attempt to reach and then to stay at the top of his game.

The Narrator's Point of View:
The best mystery novels, whether told by a first person or a third person, can read and feel very different from one another indeed. It all depends on the perspective of the narrator... his or her point of view.

Grey Walker Series:
Authored by Kat Richardson, The Greywalker Series is based around the life of the protagonist Harper Blaine. Harper gets killed while pursuing a case, though her 'death' lasts only for two minutes as she is brought back to life by the miracles of modern medicine. However, once she is revived, she discovers that she now has a new ability, namely being able to move through the realm that separates our world from the afterworld.
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