Vedic Astrology and Diamond - Gemstone of Venus

Next we are going to talk about perhaps the most precious gemstone - diamond. Diamond is most sought after gemstone in the business world. You must have watched the Hollywood movie "Blood Diamond" (if not, please do), it portrays the real hardship and business politics involve in procuring these stones; and why we call it diamond!

Capricorn and Essential Oils:
Capricorn, 10th sign of the zodiac falls approximately between December 22- January 20. Symbolized by the Goat, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth element sign meaning they are ambitious, creative initiators with a grounded practical energy. Capricorns are conventional, cerebral, cautious, hard working and reliable.

The Astrology of Barry Manilow:
Barry Manilow, despite being labelled the "King of Schmaltz" remains a favourite American performer. What are the secrets to his success viewed from an astrological angle?

Role of Horoscopes in Indian Astrology:
What a horoscope is and how it is made. Also called birth chart or chart, it is a diagram or an astrological chart representing the position of planets, sun, moon, etc.

Role of Planet Mars in the Vedic Astrology - The Action:
The Mars is your action to the world. In the natal chart, Mars is connected with the brother. The Mars resembles our earth in many ways. Scientists believe that it is an escaped satellite of Earth, which leads them to believe that there could be possibility of life on the Mars. Let's take an astrological view of this warrior planet.

Role of the Planet Moon in the Vedic Astrology - The Emotions:
The Moon is your emotional response to the world. The Moon describes our mother and her nurturing. It belongs to the night and the mysteries. There is a lot more to it. Let's take an astrological view of this queen planet.
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