What Happens in the 25 Years After 50?

Learning does not end in our 20s. Though childhood, adolescence and old age have been broadly studied, adulthood has remained unexplored based on the assumption that learning ends. I'm happy to report that, for the stage between 50 and 75, that era is coming to an end with an insightful new book, The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk and Adventure in the 25 Years after 50. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, a Harvard sociologist and professor, explores what it means to be strong, mature, powerful, and sexy during this 'in-between' age, when we're neither old nor young.

Book Review of "What's Happening to My Teen?" by Mark Gregston:
Mark Gregston believes he can answer this question. In his What's Happening to My Teen, he attempts to share insights from his 30-year involvement with teenagers. Moving from his beginnings in youth ministry, he and his wife opened Heartlight, a residential treatment center for boys and girls in Hallsville, Texas. Since 1989, he has worked with thousands of teens who have struggled with issues of lying, selfishness, depression, or disrespect for authority.

Tonya Reiman Empowers Singles for Date Success in The Body Language of Dating:
Ok, so just so you know, this is a biased review. I had the privilege to meet Tonya Reiman at a conference seminar in Las Vegas, and I am huge fan of this brilliant lady who is such an expert of reading the signals politicians and celebrities alike. I own both of Tonya's 2 earlier BL books The Yes Factor and The Power of Body Language and love them both for empowering men and women in the business world to master their body signals and read the body gestures of others for greater career advancement...

Psychology of the Future by Stanislav Grof:
This book covers ideas regarding non-ordinary states of consciousness. The author's discussion draws on for example such fascinating human states of consciousness as past-life experiences, peak experiences, communication with spirit guides and channelling, near-death experiences, crises of shamans like witch-doctors, states of possession, and awakening of Kundalini. He also reports findings from his original research into 'psychedelic therapy' and 'holotropic breathwork'.

Start With Why:
Simon Sinek teaches leaders and organisations to inspire people. He came up with a strategic concept known as The Golden Circle and the power of WHY. He has taught members of Congress to foreign ambassadors, from small businesses to large corporations like Microsoft and American Express, from Hollywood, to the UN and to the Pentagon. Simon shares real life stories in his book, and focuses on a clear vision of what it genuinely takes, to lead and inspire others.

The One Minute Manager - Book Review:
Almost everything that you do with the people you manage should take a maximum of One Minute. That would be the first thought you would have reading the book. But once you're done of course it does not mean literally One Minute. It just means that you should not take more time in getting things done when you are efficient enough.

Review of the Third Chapter - Life 50 - 75:
As a sometime career consultant, I continue to search for a book targeting people at mid-life. This book seems to be about preparing for the years just past midlife, which Mary Pipher characterizes as the "young old."

Men in Therapy:
This book should be read by the psychotherapists for whom it is intended and also by anyone, male or female, who wants a better understanding of why men are the way we are. David Wexler draws upon masses of research and his own experience as a father, husband and uncomprehending-of-women man to offer guidance to therapists looking for new ways to help their male clients.

Atkinson and Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology Reference Book:
When you are young the world is your oyster, there are so many opportunities that are open to you and you have hundreds of different paths that are all open to you. As hard as it may sound it is advisable to have a good understanding of where you would like to go and what profession you would like to head into.
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