What's New In The World of Car Audio?

It's fascinating to think about how far and fast car radio technology has evolved. You can't even really just call it "car radio" anymore, because it includes so much more than that.

How to Use Your Phone for Music in Your Car:
The car sound system you choose will determine the quality of sound you get to experience whether you use your car all day long for business or drive from home to work. It is proven that a good sound system can help keep a driver awake on long journeys.

Please, Just Say No to Emojis! These Apps Corrupt the Ford Sync System!:
Using emoticons on your smartphone can cause severe problems with the voice-to-text functions of the Ford Sync System. Since late 2012 there were numerous problems with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy, the HTC Evo and other smartphones having connectivity issues with the Ford Sync system.

Car Speakers And Subwoofers:
Look At The Features Of Car Speakers - The car speakers and your car audio system should match with each other. Do a thorough research and make a careful choice. To get a powerful and rich sound the speakers should be of the right type.

iPhone 5 + Sync = The Beginning of a New Relationship:
With much ado, the new iPhone 5 and the Apple OS 6 platform was introduced Sept. 12, 2012 by the Apple Corporation. A question that many Ford vehicle owners is... "How well will the new iPhone work with the Sync hands-free phone system and the MyFord Touch system?" Preliminary reports say the new "relationship" will go off without a hitch.

Putting In An Extreme High-Tech Piece of Audio Equipment Is The Easy Part:
The other day, I was walking through a parking lot and a young man had his hood open and jumper cables attached to his car battery. He asked for a jump, unfortunately, I didn't have my truck with me, just a little sports car and I doubt that would suffice, nor did I much want to risk damaging my own electrical system, you know everything these days is high-tech, and costly to fix, you need a computer and it's not like the old days when you could do everything yourself without a master mechanics certificate for each make and model.

Conscious Driving Is a Choice - Compounded by the Rise of In-Vehicle Technology:
Paying attention to the road while driving is imperative for safety, however, many people believe they can safely take on even more distractions due to the increase in vehicle technology. For years drivers have had the option of manually setting controls for things like headlamps, windshield wipers, temperature and fan speed, radio and turn signals while driving. With voice-activated Bluetooth cellphone connectivity and a multitude of other conveniences, it seems that technology is crowding the field in the contest to win a driver's undivided attention to the road.

HUD and Flat Panel Display Automotive Dashboard Personal Configuration Theory:
Although it doesn't seem to be evolving very fast, automotive technologies available to the public actually are. That's a good thing, and it is a shame when some industries stop rapid innovation, as it is the consumer that is hurt. Now some might argue that when technology in any sector slows just slightly, that this is better as consumers adopt the new and adjust for it, which also allows companies to make a profit on their R&D without being leap-frogged prior to recouping that upfront investment.
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