Why Don't More People and Businesses Lease Cars in the UK?

Well over two million cars were registered in the UK in 2014, with over two and a half million forecast for 2015. Yet only about a fifth of these vehicles are leased. Further more, SMEs and consumers are under-represented when it comes to the number of cars leased in the UK. The story is very different in the United States with well over a quarter of vehicles leased and rising.

Conquer the Perplexing Gap Between Leasing and Buying a Vehicle:
It is needless to mention that a vehicle proves to be indispensable for a business, no matter how big or small it is. There are numerous ways of owning a vehicle- buying it outright entitles one to a lifetime ownership whereas leasing one qualifies the lessee for a temporary authorization.

Defining the Value of a Used Car:
Keep the history (of issues, accidents, damages, and car's title) of the car handy so you can make the correct decision. Mostly, the VIN report is already run by the seller for the customer in an auto auction.

Will Used Car Dealers Buy Your Ride?:
Looking to unload your old ride? Here are a few tips to help you find the right used car dealers in your area.

What to Think About Before Buying Used Cars:
Buying used cars can save you a lot of money on the front end. However, you should still consider a few things before making your purchase.

New and Used Cars: How to Choose:
Buying used cars can save a lot of money on the price. Buying a new car can save on the maintenance. Learn how to choose and a great compromise option.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Car When Selling Privately:
Go online and do a search for car sales and you will be amazed how many vehicles are currently available in your local area. If you have recently purchased another vehicle or you are thinking of purchasing another vehicle and you have to sell your current car.

How To Haggle With Used Car Dealers:
Worried about haggling with used car dealers? Use these simple negotiating tricks to secure yourself a better price on any pre-owned vehicle.
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