Work Vans for Oil Changing and Mobile Detailing

What is the best type of van for use in an auto services business? Well, that's a pretty good question, and it just so happens I have little bit of experience here, because before retirement I had franchised mobile car washing, oil changing, and auto detailing units. You don't necessarily have to have a work van to do any of this, you can also do it out of a pickup truck, or towing a small trailer.

Work Vans and Public Perception:
The other day, I was talking to a young lady whose husband is going to start an air-conditioning service company. He holds all the licenses he needs, and his wife is going to quit her job to help him. They have an old van, but it is white, has a few dents, and they are afraid that it looks like the kind of vehicle that parents tell their kids to stay away from. Okay so let's talk about this for a moment if we might and all the issues behind the "Chester the Molester" syndrome.

A Quick Look at the Ford Transit Models Available With Van Different Leasing Agencies:
Ford Transit vans are not only affordable but have great usability. The varied forms of Transit vehicles not only cater to commercial needs but also serve personal requirements too.

Maintenance Tips for Static Caravans:
Static caravans are appreciated for being quite easy to maintain. In order to make sure the caravan is kept in a fully functioning condition, it helps to put in place a basic maintenance program.

Reaping The Benefits Of Having A New Vehicle Through Van Leasing:
Three men walk into a bar: a Japanese, an American and a Frenchman... Choosing the right van to lease and add to your business's fleet is no joking matter. As such, careful consideration is necessary so that you can get the most value for your money. For this endeavour, there are three brands that you should consider: the Japanese brand Nissan, the American brand Ford, and French manufacturer Citroen.

Vital Tips in Caring for Trailer Tires and Wheels:
If you are about to go on a long road trip with your trailer, it is essential that you check your entire vehicle and all its accessories including your trailer tires and wheels. You would not want your trailer to cause problems that might keep you from reaching your destination. You can have your trailer wheels and tires checked by a mechanic preferably weeks before your planned trip.

The New Face of Conversion Vans:
So many people confuse today's custom vans with the old VW with murals on the sides. If that's what you are picturing, you are not alone. Though they have been around a long time-they're not limited to what your grandparents created in the 60s or even what your parents bought in the 80s.

Getting the Best Out of Lowboy Trailers:
Lowboy trailers are designed for easy loading and unloading of heavy cargo in all sorts of terrain. A lowboy trailer has a very low bed height enabling it to carry loads almost upto 12 feet tall. This is a unique feature of lowboys as others have a standard height of around 60-62 inches. Read More.

The Renault Trafic Sport:
The Renault Trafic has been around for over ten years, with its first launch in 2000 and has a distinct futuristic look about it. Renault has, since this time, led the way in LCV manufacturing and the Trafic has contributed to Renault's success, being the third best selling van in its class.
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