A Bitter Herb (A Novelette) Part I

I have two traits to offer to this story: truthfulness and conscientiousness-; the inconspicuous, and the profound will surface, those things unforeseen, by themselves. Some may appear strange, but are nothing but truth, as true as Lee sees it, that is. The protagonists might seem to have a schizoid personality, it is because as you read the story, you may sense they have this overbearing anguish that appears in the form of suffering; if indeed it can be called that: we can use hurt and anger, anger preceding hurt. Also there is a touch of neo-surrealism in the images produced throughout the story; bizarre as they may seem, dreams and the subconscious mind are helping this story along. Perhaps what one may see is one protagonist has freed himself of the other, and the other is trying to free himself of the other, hopefully that will make better sense as you read the story, and just who is the protagonist? Perhaps we have two. The storyteller does not hold back nor does he bury, what has been concealed, becomes unconcealed.

Creating a Full Head Latex Mask - Part-1 of 4:
This is a four-part article on how to create a professional looking full head latex mask. Creating a full-head mask (a mask that completely covers the head as opposed to just a front face mask), can seem a bit challenging, yet the steps to success are not complicated and can be accomplished without a great deal of skill.

New Ideas to Make Your Artwork Bounce:
Over the years, as the owner of a popular mold making and casting materials company, I have received numerous requests for atypical uses of our materials, uses that I had never thought of for normal applications. Over time I have learned much from our customers on interesting and artistic ways of using mold making and casting materials for applications that don't have anything to do with mold making.

China And The South China Sea:
China is trying to control the South China Sea. What are the real reasons for this move and how can they do it?

A Bitter Herb (A Novelette) Part IV:
Every year Lee had given Jay, and one of his other workers, John, and their wives a vacation, paid in full, hotel, food and even transportation. And it always astounded him that he could afford to do it, but it didn't' phase, or amaze Jay and John's family, they acted as if it was overdue. They belittled, yet accepted Lee's heartfelt gifts with unimportance. Matter of fact, after such a weekend, one could hardly tell it had been given at all. And both having access to the supplies Lee had in his garage, for his six apartment buildings, very little got fixed, but those supplies dwindled faster than John could make up the receipts. John had indirectly admitted the thievery, and Lee had told him, he had always known, expected it, but it was getting to the point? too expensive. Thus John left the company, and when he wished to be rehired, it was on different terms, and the rehiring never took place; for Lee surely an escape from the devil's helper.
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