Polaris Brutus Vehicle Release

Polaris Brutus Vehicle Release:
The Polaris Brutus is theUTV builder's first official entry into the commercial UTV market. With a leading presence in recreational, utility, and military UTV models, the Brutus offers a formidable competitor to the industry leading Gator. What may put the Brutus in its own class is its proprietary PTO system and ProTach industrial attachments that include an industrial mower, snow plow, snow blower, fork lift and backhoe style shovel.

Go Kart Drive System Enigma: Tire Size Versus Sprocket Size: What Is The Best Combination?:
What happens when you start changing the size of the rear tire and correspondingly increase the rear drive sprocket at the same time? Will the go kart suddenly go slower? Will the go kart not be able to accelerate as well as it did before we played around with the sprockets and wheels? This article breaks the myths of tires size versus sprocket size and settles once and for all what happens when you change these variables.

How to Introduce Your Kids to ATVs:
As an enthusiast, you know the thrill and excitement that come with ATV riding. If you want your children to experience the same thing, consider getting the right size ATV and get them used to wearing safety gear. For younger kids, start them off on electric quads. After that, get them to experience a 50 cc motor before moving up to a 70 cc motor. Safety is priority and by following the following tips, you will be teaching your children to stay away from harm.

Enjoying ATVing With Your Family:
If you haven't gone ATVing with your family, you're about to learn that it's one of the best ways to explore the great outdoors. Here's a closer look at what to look for and think about when bringing your family ATVing.

How To Select The Best Catalytic Converters For Off-Roaders:
Truck and jeep owners who participate in off-road adventures need quality vehicle products including catalytic converters. This article provides information on how to select the best catalytic converters for off-roaders.
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