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What I'm inclined right now to write is not meant to confound readers. Far, far from that! I do these reviews not only to inform folks of movies that I have just seen, but also to force on myself a discipline for writing how I really feel about films I have seen. And in this recent film, which has been the recipient of immense major praise, I find myself at odds. Hence: my request is -by all means-to plan to see what 'they're' calling a "masterpiece", "the year's greatest", "a first in films" (so you won't feel left out of the hullabaloo)- but still-if you are so inclined: kindly continue to read my honest feelings about Boyhood.

Sizzle And Substance:
Hindi cinema may boast of producing the largest number of movies in a year. But what matters is the quality. Earlier films used to have substance. Now there is only sizzle. It is hampering our cinema-viewing culture. With an exception to very few, there are few films and filmmakers that really makes us go gaga over the movies. Reinvention should be encouraged. Intimating from the West will not do. Our cinema needs to be standardized in the international market also.

A Complete Guide on Filming in Turkey:
Owing to its amazing diversity in geography and culture, Turkey is growing in popularity as the most sought after filming location. Most of its international clients like Russia and Eastern Europe are attracted towards Turkey because of its traditional values.

The Subtle Power of Audio in Our Lives:
Are we really aware of how much uninvited sound there is in our lives? Voiceovers, soundtracks, people giving us information are often unconsidered yet accepted aspects of modern, everyday life. And they can impact on us in unexpected ways.

4 Reasons Why Movie Productions Prefer Film Locations in Los Angeles:
You can always find different movie productions filming scenes in Los Angeles everyday. This proves how film locations in this city are ideal, making it the entertainment capital of the world. Here are four more reasons why this city is the best choice to shoot your movies, television shows, and even commercials.

African Cinema Should Go Digital to Discover More Lupitas:
Nothing has raised as much furore in Kenya and beyond as the controversial Media Bill. While the government of Kenya insists that it wants to rein in "bad journalism in all its forms," for producers of local content like film makers, it is a case of pointing fingers with a log in the eye. The Kenyan media has failed in enforcing the quota of local content on TV, capped at 60 percent, for reasons such as low ratings, local productions that give low return on investment and the quality and quantity of content produced which leaves a lot...

How to Start a Film Society in 5 Steps:
There are many cinema lovers out there that can appreciate the artistic and cultural value of non-commercial films and actually want to promote independent or low profile motion pictures within their community or even to a broader audience. As a result, many such individuals chose to form film clubs with their friends or acquaintances that share the same passion, where they would screen whatever film they consider worthy, whether it is a blockbuster, a commercial movie or an independent, low budget film.
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