Filmmaking - Behind the Scenes

The art of filmmaking has been around for less than a century now, but its rise has been dramatic. From Soundless black and white films, to films that boast realistic images of things that don't even exist.

Film Making - What You Need to Know Making You First Movie:
Starting out with your first film? Do you know there are a number of distinct phases in film making? It is important for you to give each phase of the film making the correct amount of time. This article talks about what happens in each phase and how you time needs to be divided.

Hollywood's Tiananmen Amnesia:
Want to see a blockbuster film about the events in Tiananmen Square? You'll have to make one on your own.

"AND SO IT GOES" - A New Film Report:
Whatever you may hear about And So It Goes, I'll start out by stating I liked it. I liked the people who played the parts: Michael Douglas (as Oren Little); and Diane Keaton (Leah); Sterling Jerins (Sarah); John Scott Shepherd (Luke); plus Frances Sternhagen (Claire); and Rob Reiner... (He directs and has a small part playing piano.) Just seeing Douglas and Keaton brings a big thrill.

10 Ways a Bride and Groom Can Help With the Production of Their Wedding Film:
Ways to make your wedding film the best that it can be. Just 10 steps to help with your production of your wedding film.

New Australian Films Recommended by Non-Profit Societies:
In spite of the huge number of films that Hollywood releases every year and the impressive box office revenue generated by big budget productions, many cinephiles express their disappointment in the shortage of independent films that have a cultural and artistic value. As the standards of the American cinematography seem to drop with every blockbuster released, it is up to foreign or independent films to deliver quality and offer film lovers a refreshing alternative to questionable entertainment.

How 7D Cinema Is Different From Its 3D Counterpart:
The popularity of 3D movies in the present day shows that people are looking for more innovation in the theatres that will offer them a close to realistic experience on the screen. With technological advancement showing the cue in short movies that are made in 4D and 5D, there has been an increasing demand to make movie viewing an experience rather than an entertainment. People want more than what they already have, this calls for a change in the way movies are screened to offer that additional impact that will register the experience in the minds of viewers and supporters alike.
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