Vancouver's Movie Production Industry

Vancouver's movie industry began as a great place to shoot movies which required a thick forest, tall mountains, or wintery wonderland, without having to go too far north or to a town which didn't have the resources to accommodate large productions. Over time, it grew so big and became so in demand, that it challenged Hollywood for the crown of North America's Movie Production headquarters. This led to a nasty battle, spearheaded by Arnold Schwarzeneggar, who was Governor of California at the time.

How To Write A Short Film Script:
A brief step-by-step guide to writing a short script for film. How to write a short script for beginners. How to write a narrative based short story for film.

Behind the Lens:
This article is about the cinematographer - the man or woman that helps to bring a movie to life by their photography. A job that is sometimes unappreciated by the general public.

What Are the Basic Steps in the Video Pre-Production Process?:
This article describe the 5 basic elements of the Pre-Production stage of the Video Producution process. It describes Budgeting, Scripting, Storyboarding, Casting, and Location Scouting.

How To Produce a Short Film You Will Be Proud Of:
A step-by-step guide to producing a professional short film suitable for distribution. How to produce a professional short film for beginners.

Creative Video Production on a Budget:
It is easy to think of the web and its videos, traditional cinema, digital films, and videos to entertainment. These mediums are also found in the business world. Some videos are made as marketing pieces, others as internal messaging and training; some are even for internal morale boosting or presentations. Whatever the need, many companies find that it is possible to develop, edit, and achieve all of the needs of creative video production and remain on budget.

Filming Locations in Los Angeles: Fancy Neighborhoods, Iconic Buildings, and Awesome Freeways:
Film production teams prefer using filming locations in Los Angeles. Here are some of the most commonly featured locations in the city.
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