Why Celebrities Are Making Book Trailers to Sell Their Books

A look at why the book trailers have begun to take a little bit more interest in the market. Bridging the gap between readers and movie makers.

Reasons Why You Should Use Free Background Music for Videos:
Let's face it, everyone who makes YouTube videos need background music or some kind of added audio effects. Most sites out there will charge you to use their music for your videos but there are some websites out there that allow users to use background music for free, without paying as long as the person who is making the video credits the producer's website. Share The Love Almost every producer or composer is going to want you to share their video or share their URL inside the description of the video you make.

Role Of A Video Production Company In Business Marketing:
There is no time to stop and smell the roses or to sip a coffee on the roadside. Just look around and analyze, when was the last time you got a handwritten business letter? The personal contact is dying and everything seems to work through technology. Whether it is marketing or it is building the brand image, people have started to use technology and Internet as a tool for every need. As far as business marketing is concerned, the need of the hour is video production.

How to Hire a Voice Over Actor?:
Hiring a voice over actor can be pretty intimidating, having in mind that you haven't done it before. After all, the actor is the one that reads your scripts and therefore this turns him into the most powerful connector between you/your project and your audience. The voice gives emotions, visuality and sensory experience to your movie/video.

Hollywood And European Film-Making - Convergence of Elements: Part I:
Are American films more commercial than European films? Are European films necessarily more aesthetic than American films?

Why The British Film Industry Cannot Be Evaluated By Statistics:
When the mainstream media refer to how well British talent have done at prestigious award ceremonies they often use the term: "British Film Industry" but the truth is that what they are making reference to is "industry", and certainly not "British Film". At next month's BAFTA awards, the American film Gravity is competing in the category of "Outstanding British Film" and so herein lies one of the many problems within the British psyche and certainly within institutions like the BBC who have never understood what a national cinema means. I cannot pretend to know all the answers to what constitutes...

Top 3 Steps for Producing a Great Video:
If you want to create a quality video then you need to ensure that you are well prepared. Overlooking even smaller things will lead to complete wastage of your efforts. The videos that you are producing should consist of a polished presentation and everything should be systematic.
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