A Tribute to 'Moses'

My iconic movies of all time, as judged by me. I think that you would agree with my choices because these are absolutely outstanding feature films.

Behind the Lens:
This article is about the cinematographer - the man or woman that helps to bring a movie to life by their photography. A job that is sometimes unappreciated by the general public.

3 Ways to Select the Best Filming Locations in Los Angeles:
For any aspiring location scout, finding the best filming locations in Los Angeles can be exciting; but for someone who has been in the movie industry, it takes more than a photographic eye to catch the best place. Here are some ways to help you out in finding the perfect area to film scenes.

Following Up at the American Film Market - Making It Happen:
To spend hundreds of dollars on event fees, plus the time attending events, networking and collecting business cards; it's a waste if you don't make something happen. This could be with your career, your project, or gaining valuable information that makes you better at your profession. Following up leverages your time and investment. It creates more opportunities.

American Film Market on a Shoestring Budget:
For struggling filmmakers and screenwriters on a shoestring budget, the American Film Market offers opportunities for networking, project financing, acquisitions and distribution. However, it takes planning to achieve these goals and this article shows how this can be done economically and effectively. You will find your best assets are having a succinct pitch with water-cooler talk-ability and being able to mingle and work the room with productive meaningful dialogue. By having well-defined goals and a clear plan of action, you can increase your chances of securing that lucrative deal, one about which that others can only dream.

Performance Clips: Next Generation Marketing for Actors:
A casting director's patience may wear thin searching through a four minute demo reel for a clip relevant to the character they are casting. This reality is the primary driver for the expanding use of "next generation" video assets for actor marketing.

7 Things You Must Know When Making Your First Music Video:
Making your first music video could be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Even though dreaming is easy, doing the bit is always hard! Isn't that what we always hear? Well, for those of you who haven't made a music video before, here are our expert tips to guide you along.
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