Filmmaking - Behind the Scenes

The art of filmmaking has been around for less than a century now, but its rise has been dramatic. From Soundless black and white films, to films that boast realistic images of things that don't even exist.

Finding Online Video Makers:
If you are starting up any kind of business or launching a product on line, you should definitely consider making an online video to market that business or that product. Why make an online video you ask? To put it simply, an online video or a video in general, is the fastest, most effective and the easiest way to reach your potential customer or client. A video is a strong marketing tool that uses both visual and sound characteristics to interact with the audience in order to get the message through.

Hollywood's Tiananmen Amnesia:
Want to see a blockbuster film about the events in Tiananmen Square? You'll have to make one on your own.

Video Blogging: Simple Tips for Beginners:
Video blogging is one of today's best ways to share information online. This aims to instruct, inform or simply to entertain. Others have taken this path to promote brands, products and services, their advocates, or to share anything that would give viewers a good laugh.

The Role of a Film Society in Australia:
Film has managed to gain an impressive role in the modern society. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that movies have the power to change perspective, to tackle with delicate problems and to draw attention upon real problems in society that need a solution. Of course, films have the power to entertain the audience, to make it lose contact with reality and completely allow the action on the screen to take control. When thinking about movies, you automatically think of Hollywood, about the United States of America, because this is where the core of the industry can be found.

Is Acting The Career That You Want?:
If you have always dreamt about playing a magnitude of unique characters on a stage amidst the round of thundering applause, then acting may just be the thing that has been chosen for you! Acting can be described as a role playing of some fictional character or even at times a real character as a part of the script. The most important part of acting is that you will have to look convincing enough in that.

African Cinema Lost In Translation:
When you're a child you have the dreams and the goals of a child. Everything inspires you to wuthering heights. I watched Funny Girl so I thought well I can do that to. It doesn't seem so hard. All I had to do was go to film school and learn the craft, the art of film-making, become my dream (which was to be a documentary filmmaker) but later after watching all of Spike Lee's films I decided why not go all the way? Why not write, produce and direct a film. But then as you grow older, you goals change. The dreams you had when you still had that shine of angelic innocence on your face was like a blank slate. It's hard to dream big when nearly all your classmates are of the opposite sex. They never acknowledged me. Said good morning to me. They can carry the heavy equipment. They won't help you when you need them to help you with something, (and you're too afraid too ask for help because you're just a girl right, what wrong with this picture). You have to prove yourself all the time. So I decided I would become a writer instead.
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