Shawshank's Very Redeeming Features

The Shawshank Redemption is regarded as one of the best movies of all time. It was based on a Stephen King short story. But what I am about to tell you is the story about the story of the making of the movie. I'm also pretty sure you'll be hearing it for the first time.

Audio Recorder Zoom H4n Review:
The Zoom H4n is a high quality, portable, handheld 4 channel digital audio recorder that is equipped with its own microphones and also can be used to record audio by plugging in external microphones such as lavs or shotgun mics. This audio recorder is the successor to the Zoom H2 and H4 and presents new exciting features which will be discussed in detail here.

Top 3 Steps for Producing a Great Video:
If you want to create a quality video then you need to ensure that you are well prepared. Overlooking even smaller things will lead to complete wastage of your efforts. The videos that you are producing should consist of a polished presentation and everything should be systematic.

Panzer 88 - Gary Kurtz Develops WW2 Sci-Fi Fantasy Film:
Panzer 88 is a WW2 film being developed by Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz, writer/director Peter Briggs and Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop. The story is about a five-man German tank crew encountering a supernatural entity as they motor across Russia in the retreat of October 1944. Article explores story elements, potential cast, and production development challenges.

Business Video - The Basics 2: Levels of Video Production:
These articles on Business Video Production are published to provide useful information and answer frequently asked questions on video for business. Here we discuss different levels of video production with cost ranges included.

Questions and Answers With Prarthana Joshi, Editor - Filmmaker:
Prarthana Joshi has been working as a filmmaker-editor in Los Angeles since 2011. Several of the films that she worked on have been showcased in multiple film festivals.

Where Are the Filming Locations in Los Angeles?:
Los Angeles boasts some of the most beautiful sceneries and this short article can help you see just a few of what the best have to offer. Whether you are a film maker or a scenic lover some of these sites can give you exactly what you need and more.
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