How To Find The Guitar Exercises That Will Improve Your Guitar Playing Fast

Are you absolutely positive, beyond any doubt, that the guitar exercises you practice are actually making you a better guitarist? If you aren't 100% certain you are using the most effective guitar exercises in your practice routine, then you need to take these 5 essential steps to get you back on track towards reaching your musical goals.

Not All Hippies From The 60s Are Gone:
This about a time that has past that included hippies and all that went with it, including the music. It focuses specifically on one hippie who didn't get the memo that the century and millennium have changed.

Jeff Beck 'Truth' (1968):
Think Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin created Heavy Metal? Think again. Jeff Beck amped his guitar to eleven in 1968, armed with future pop rock legend Rod Stewart as his singer and Rolling Stones guitarist as his bass player.

Will There Be New Original Music In The Future?:
Every new music genre is hailed as new original music but how much of it is really new? This article gives an interesting look at new music in the western world from early on to present day.

How To Develop Guitar Playing Creativity:
Do you think that in order to be a creative musician you must possess some "natural talent" that only a few lucky musician were born with? I know I have... and guess what: this negative belief almost killed my dream of becoming a great guitar player.

Musical Narratives for Visual Art:
In the realm of action art especially, music can add to the viewing experience by offering a narrative. Music can suggest to us a progressive storyline leading us into the painting's moment and beyond. Even when we disagree with the music's idea, our own imagination is stimulated to create alternate scenarios, and our appreciation for the art is deepened as a result.

The Offshoots and Subcategories of Instrumental and Experimental Rock:
here are a very wide variety as well as many branches that can extend themselves from the Instrumental Composer and bands as well as those who take on experimenting with their craft in Rock or any other format of Experimental Music. One who does not need to worry of vocals can have a more variable palette on what can be written and performed within the wide span of the scale and chords mixed with the endless variations accomplished by rhythm is almost astounding and considering music theory and whatever instruments that are available: the possibilities are almost endless.
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