A Wildly Distorted Account - 30 Days In Sydney by Peter Carey

Peter Carey's 30 Days In Sydney claims to present a wildly distorted account of a writer's return to a city he knows well. After ten years in New York, the author spends a month in the city he left behind and he records the experience. It's not at all distorted, except interestingly via an essential personal perspective.

Save on Airfare Secrets Review - For Cheap Travels?:
Save on Airfare Secrets is an e-book, written by Tony Morrison describes how to save money on airfare. It is about the insider tricks and secrets to save money on airline tickets. He was formerly an airline agent that was fired from his career job.

Travel Zen:
"Success is the quality of your journey."?An observation from some much wiser than I.

Continental Drifting: Exceptional Destinations Around the World, By: David Millett and Julia Buss:
From the prolific keyboard of David Millett along with the photo-journalistic eye of Julia Buss, this traveling couple has compiled a delightful "Coffee Table" photo album of far-away and exotic places in their new book, Continental Drifting: Exceptional Destinations Around the World. No moss gathers under these authors' feet; as we have first been introduced to David and Julia with their debut book, Flying the Edge of America, in which David piloted his private plane circumnavigating the USA with Julia as his intrepid companion. Now they have expanded their range to that of the entire world, traveling to each...

Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell:
Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell is an end of British Empire book, describing the start of the transition in Cyprus towards independence. Bitter Lemons is a classic of its indefinable kind, a mix of biography, travel, politics and memoir that is obviously literary whilst not apparently aspiring to literature. Almost sixty years after its publication, Bitter Lemons still has much to say about Cyprus, its culture and its politics despite the fact the world has since changed.

Boating, Travel Books:
Ontario Sailor Magazine is a yachting magazine, which circulates in Canada and publishes seven times annually. The magazine does book reviews for experienced sailors or arm-chair skippers on all boating-related topics and travel. So, read on and enjoy.

Photography Book Review: "CHINA: Portrait of a People" Is the Best of the Decade:
I want to share with anyone that might read this how much I enjoyed Tom Carter's new photography book "CHINA: Portrait of a People". I ordered the book because I recently returned from China and could not get enough of the life style I had just experienced.

A View From The Dallas Fort Worth Airport:
It's been several years since I've flown- generally, when we travel, we drive wherever we are going but driving from northern Nevada to Austin, Texas then south to Houston in mid-June did not sound all that appealing to either John or me so I decided to fly, alone. After boarding three different planes and two layovers; one in Salt Lake and then a second longer one in Dallas, I have become re-acquainted with the art of flying.

Great Britain - An Eyewitness Travel Guide:
Eyewitness guides are characterised by their colour, which differentiates them from most other travel guides. Maps, photos and diagrams light up the pages and bring to life what can be experienced when travelling. Information in other guides may be more precise, detailed and comprehensive, but readers who enjoy Eye Witness Guides do so because visually they are stimulated and excited by what they see on the pages.

You Gotta Love Costa Rica:
This Central American country has it all! We flew into San Jose, the capital city, on JetBlue from Ft Lauderdale (a great airline, by the way).
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