The Sights of Seoul

Trailing, ever-present, behind Japan in the race for the world's most modern society is South Korea, a quietly-developing nation of nice, intelligent fashionistas with a culture all their own. Seoul is the humming capital of South Korea - a massive metro area of greater than 10 million people - one of the biggest cities on earth.

Two Book Reviews on Travel:
Off the Tourist Trail is the lowdown on our planet's pristine points of interest and activities. It shows hundreds of over visited spots - anything from national parks to commercialized museums - and discloses 1,000 refreshing and intriguing different alternatives. Compiled by a group of travel authorities, and along with a foreword by Bill Bryson, this particular guide provides attractive locations, stunning areas, spectacular natural delights and memorable activities alive with educational narrative and breathtaking images.

Arabia by Jonathan Raban:
Thirty years ago Jonathan Raban wandered through the Middle East. he called in at Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, dubai, Yemen, Egypt and |Jordan to examine what Arab identity and culture.

Travel to Paradise - Phuket Island Thailand:
Phuket Island Thailand - One of the World's Great Island Holidays Most people visit Phuket for the beaches and because it's one of those 'must-see' tropical islands. For those who can pry themselves away from the regular tourist trappings and head across the island, they can catch a glimpse of what the island offered prior to the growth of the tourism industry.

How to Vacation at Walt Disney World on a Budget - Book Review:
It's about mid-summer and, if you haven't already taken a vacation, it is now time to take it. Well, I just reviewed a book I think you're going to like that shows how fun and inexpensive a trip to Walt Disney World can be.

Disney Savings Guide - Find the Best One For Your Disney World Vacation:
It seems like only yesterday that we let our then 7 year old daughter know that we were finally "going to Disney World". The memory of her squeals and excitement are with me to this day. We had saved for a long time in order to be able to take this trip, and had a wonderful time when we went.

Hiking in Palm Springs? I Think You Need a Great Travel Guide for That:
When was the last time you ditched the wicked winter weather and followed the snowbirds to the sunniest part of Southern California; Palm Springs. Well, if you're coming to Palm Springs you need to pack a T-shirt, some shorts, and might I recommend some hiking shoes - why you ask? Because in and around Palm Springs there are some magnificent hiking trails, and the weather is good all year round.

Age Concern Travel Insurance - Don't Let Your Age Curtail Your Travels!:
Just because you are 65 or older certainly doesn't mean you have one foot in the grave and are ready to give up those things you enjoy!?Age Concern travel insurance is often the perfect choice for those who enjoy traveling, and who travel abroad occasionally.

Europe Behind the Scenes: Book Review: Rick Steves:
This article is my review on a popular travel guide. This travel guide is called Europe Through The Back Door, By Rick Steves. I give my opinions and thoughts on this book based on my personal experiences abroad in Europe.

A Voyage To Adrift In Africa:
"Adrift In African" is all about Africa, its wonderful locations, diversity of indigenous people and their cultures. By reading this book you will not only find entertainment but also catch their complex life pattern. The author presents the springs of human action to convey his own perception to his readers.
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