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There will be chances in London that suits your requirements whatever kind of event you are running from party, live music, or seminar or get together. London has been famous for its hundreds of venues that support live music events.

Money Number One in Thailand:
If ever "money number one" was set in time as a national catch cry, it would have to be in Thailand where the phrase "money number one" is used countless times daily by many of the Thai people in dealing with the thousands of foreign tourists they regularly encounter. Neil Hutchinson, an Aussie expat living in Pattaya has been instrumental in writing a series of books around the money number one catch cry, which have become extremely popular best sellers in recent years...

Review of Berlitz German Phrase Book and Audio CD:
Berlitz German Phase Book and Dictionary was one of the first resources I bought to learn German. I knew that it wouldn't help me with colloquial language, and that it would mostly consist of handy phrases for travelers, but I figured it would help me decide whether or not German was the language for me.

Books Set in Australia - Five Novels to Read Before You Travel:
You may have your tickets booked and your rucksack packed, but there is still something you can do to prepare for a trip to Australia - read some novels that are set there. There are lots of good books set in Australia, but we have chosen five that we think give you a range of experiences even before you set foot on the plane.

Filmmaking Book - Reading Up on Your Craft:
A filmmaking book will be your best friend if you are learning out to work in the entertainment industry. 20 years ago, there were no real books or resources on how to become successful in filmmaking or movie production, but today that has changed completely. Read on to find out more!

Across China, Xinjiang to Tibet, Turfan to Llasa - From Heaven Lake by Vikram Seth:
Ostensibly From Heaven Lake is a travel book. The description is both apt and limiting. It is worth musing on the idea that travel may be merely a way of collecting a pool of nostalgia for future regurgitation.

Ever Travel to Brussels? Book Review:
If we look in the world news, or we study any of the NGOs, we often see or hear mention of the city of Brussels. It makes sense that you should be able to find Brussels on a map, and also understand a little bit about the people who live there, their heritage, their culture, and their history. Perhaps, it is for this reason that I'd like to recommend a very good book, one which may put you on the right track to getting some sense of that city.

"Flying the Edge of America" Authors - David Millett and Julia Buss - Book Review:
Written in an interlaced diary format the stories of David Millett, the pilot, and Julia Buss, the intrepid passenger and companion, Flying the Edge of America shares the modern day adventure of touring the country in a self-piloted private airplane. Having a noticeably delightful charm from being of British decent, the co-authors take you on their journey circumventing America in a "pogo-stick series of encounters" dropping in at points hundreds of miles apart. Upon landing, the travelers are faced with logistical issues of touring the countryside by either renting a car, hiring a taxi or shuttle, or...

Australia's Pleasure Treasures:
Planning to have a tour can be made easy if you're sure where you really want to go. There are many great destinations on earth and one of them is that famous harbor that hosts two of the world's most famous landmarks. Let a Sydney Harbour cruise take you there.

Book Review: Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux:
"Dark Star Safari" by Paul Theroux is the story of the author's overland travel from Cairo to Cape Town with all the adventures, people and places he encounters throughout the continent. Theroux travelled Africa from north to south in the first half of 2001. Beginning in Cairo, he travelled down the Nile in Egypt, through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland. He travelled mostly by public transport including trains, boats, bush taxi, buses, cattle truck, rented Land Rover, canoe and hitch-hiking. "Dark Star Safari" is an interesting account of Theroux's travels, especially as he travels in Africa by means not dared by most. Throughout the book, Theroux's style remains witty and entertaining.
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