Top Funny Blogs You Can Visit for a Good Laugh

A good laugh is always a good laugh, but even when it comes to comic things, the trends may change. If you are acquainted to the "meme" phenomenon, you know how these evolve - they grow to popularity, then reach the saturation level and slowly fade away. Also, not all humor sites manage to stay entertaining. See what's still in the charts and gets the laughs. Here is a selection for blog junkies.

Euston, We Have a Problem: Commuting Sucks!:
Why commuting sucks! A Londoner's lament on getting to work...

A Funny Take on Sometimes Not-So-Funny Cubicle Experiences:
Working in an open-office environment for hours on end, day after day, week after week alongside coworkers who are "cubicle nightmares" can truly be stressful. If you can't afford to quit the cube farm, the next best thing is to laugh about it!

Instead Of The Streak, The Wink:
There is everything scary about a winking naked man, especially in front of a woman who does not want the man. I realized this in a gym shower when Bally Gymnasium Company was in existence.

The Eetos Family Reintroduced:
Ever open an item before leaving the grocery market? Well I have & would like to share how to effectively commit this food misdemeanor!

A Sensitive Nose:
Do you laugh at yourself for doing dumb stuff? You should. Here is story that promotes humor! Enjoy.

Writing Stand Up Comedy in Four Steps:
The jokes you use when writing stand up comedy can come from the joke writing process, random thoughts, something you heard from someone else, switching old jokes around, or from random setups. When writing stand up comedy, it doesn't matter where your jokes come from as long as they are good jokes you will have a good routine. Because you have been writing stand up comedy and storing the jokes in your filing system, all you have to do is go into the files and pull out the jokes you want.
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