HOT OFF THE PRESS! New British Comedy Shows for 2014

So you love Dibley, you ador Fawlty, and you can't live without Porridge. But, if like me, you are a little sick of endless re runs of classics on UK Gold then this is the article for you. It's easy to think that they just don't make em like they used to, but with so many channels producing top quality comedy there is as much great new stuff as there has ever been. In fact there are upwards of thirty British comedy shows in production ready to hit the small screen next year. Here's a roundup of a few.

Writing Stand Up Comedy - Yourself and Other Characters:
When writing stand up comedy, selecting a point of view is important. Two stand up comedy writing points of view include: 1) You as yourself; 2) You as other characters. Writing stand up comedy effectively generally requires the use of various points of view within your act.

Everybody Knows (Reality and Fantasy), But Who Wants To Admit It?:
Before I begin this article, I lifted the title off of a Leonard Cohen song called "Everybody Knows". It is a very interesting song. It is a song that is like smelling salts that wake the soul up instead of just the body.

Finding a Place for Humour:
The recent tragic incidents in France around the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine prompted me to do some self-inquiry on my personal use of humour. How aware am I of when and how I use it? What about the effects that has on others? Where am I using humour to distract myself or others from an expression of my truth?

Stop Your Women's Compulsive Shopping:
I think my father is about the smartest guy in the world. I would say that most daughters probably think that of their fathers but actually these days I only know a couple of girls that would say that about their father. Anyway, among other things I base this on the fact that he has figured out how to cure women from shopping.

Boon or Bane: SAP Survival Kit - Milestones and Handling Conflicts:
Are we really prepared regarding sudden changes of plans, new requirements determined by the headquarters and/or the board members? Hopefully, you don't have to cling to a so-called disaster recovery plan. How do we efficiently present our results? Reciting Dilbert again you can put it like this: please try to absolutely avoid losing consciousness during an official presentation; in case it happens anyway have your pillow ready to cling to. You see it's all about good manners; it's simply all about milestones. Can we provide and continuously embody a conflict-oriented culture that is able to manage OK in case of escalation scenarios? I suggest do not believe in the face game - often bosses tend to stir confusion by putting on too many hats or faces. Again it's all about milestones and conflicts. Vital aspects in that respect are surely touched by questions about reasonable milestones and conflicts probably arising from them. In this article I shall deeply ponder about its impact.

The Big Bellied Bully!:
The big thing kept on pushing me every time there was some movement. I did try to give him stares, but he never noticed or pretended not to notice. He allowed his partner to do all the action for him...
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