Art Beyond Myself

Is there anything more or anything else our art can accomplish beyond ourselves? Or is it all about ourselves as artists? I want to make art beyond myself.

9 Key Elements of an Effective Logo Design:
A logo is not simply a symbol. An effective logo design increases the credibility, visibility and remembrance of an individual, company or organization. This article gives you the nine basic characteristics of logo design that can make it as effective as possible.

Amazing Chinese Art:
Chinese art has the oldest continuous tradition in the world, and is marked by an unusual degree of continuity of that tradition opposing to the equivalent in the West with Western collapse and gradual recovery of classical styles. Apart from paintings, the tradition of ink wash painting, practiced mainly by scholar-officials and court painters especially of landscapes, flowers, and birds, developed according to the individual imagination of and observation by the artist in the same way as in the West, but long pre-dated their development there. After contacts with Western art became increasingly important from the 19th century onwards, in recent decades China has participated with increasing success in worldwide contemporary art. Chinese art is exceptionally wee-known in the area of ceramics. Much of the finest work was produced in large workshops or factories by essentially unknown artists, especially in the field of Chinese antique porcelain mostly created and exported to showcase the power and dominance of Chinese emperors.

The Art Of Hanging Wall Arts:
Hanging pieces of artworks on your wall is not an easy task. There are actually a couple of important things to remember to ensure that the artworks are properly hanged.

The Art of Paper Sculptor:
Kids have been fond of flying kites and of creating paper planes. Simple and innocent - these paper planes can be very easy to make.

How 3D Art Has Changed the Face of Design:
3D has had a huge influence on the design industry, altering the way we visualise graphics from computer games to product design. Find out where it all began and how it has changed the face of design, whilst improving and innovating the products we see today.
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