The Fine Art Of Drawing

This article is about the simple art of drawing. The basic techniques used to draw and the use of drawing today.

Want to Be a Comic Illustrator?:
If you go back to your childhood, you'll probably dig up memories of collecting and reading issues of DC comics, Marvel and probably even the popular Archie comics. If you love to sketch, you must had, at one point, also doodled on papers and drawn the characters of your own comic book.

Clipping Path and Image Masking Go Hand in Hand:
Advertisement is an essential part of the marketing plan of a business. As a matter of fact, advertising is a huge industry in the here and now. Advertisement is done with promotional stuff, such as poster, flyer, infomercial, handouts, brochure, fact sheet and catalog, just to name a few. The motive is to get the word out about a business. But what does it have to do with image masking or clipping path? Let us find out.

What Is Magento?:
Magento has it's uses and resourcefulness, but why is it really important? Read further to find out.

Music for Art - Thinking About the Medium:
Composers writing music for art may discover inspiration and direction for their work by considering not only the content of visual art but the art media. Media often has social impacts which arouse definite associations, strong feelings and emotions. When composers tune in to the implications of art media, they afford themselves a wealth of additional information about the artwork which can be interpreted and expressed musically.

The Discipline in The Discipline:
Discipline is an interesting word. It describes a specialization within a field of practice. Discipline also describes training, activity, or exercise to develop and improve a skill.Then you have the discipline in the discipline. Discipline requires to practice certain activities. How does this look like for an artist? What exercises help artists get better at what they do?
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