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Contemporary art is perhaps one of the purest art forms, some say it is what art is, and that all other art is mimicking or an abstraction from contemporary art. The art of any particular era or period is indeed unique all to its own. Often, you can note the place and time of a work of art by its tell tale signs, of course it takes a connoisseur of that period to do it.

Amateur Photographers Can Make Money Too:
This is a brief review of an e-book entitled Photo Wealth System. The book is a guide for amateur photographers with a digital camera detailing ways and places to sell their own digital photos.

The Wedding Photo Book:
The wedding photo book is a great way to benefit from all the photographs that are taken on your big day but it is also the ideal gift item to give to any couple about to get married. You can include literally hundreds of different photos and customize the front and back cover as well as each of the individual pages of the photo book. If you want a gift to give to the couple on their big day then you can pay for a wedding photo book and give them a gift certificate so that you have a tangible gift to give and they can control the design of the wedding personalized book and choose their own favorite photos.

Making Your Personal Custom Frame:
In case if your store has sufficient stock, you will be able to that perfect picture frame you have been looking for! However you might not be that lucky always and have to settle for the satisfactory ones. But this does not necessarily be your case if you have enough time to make your own unique custom frame for whichever object you want and hang it in your home or maybe just give it as a gift.

Top 7 Photography Books on Amazon:
If you love a photographer, then you'll want to print a copy of this list. These are the most wished for books on Amazon. This means there is probably a book or two on this list your photographer would love. Save yourself some time by using this list as a shopping list. Your photographer will love you for it.

Book Review: Discovering Birds Of India, A Useful Field Guide:
India's exotic and common birds are sensitively presented in full colour with their identification and names in a pocket sized field guide. Any tourist who visits India and is charmed by its colourful and wonderful birds, must get a copy of this book to discover more birds and enjoy bird watching even more. The brilliant photos are the work of an Osho disciple, Swami Amano Samarpan who has been clicking birds in the hills and valleys, plains and deserts, jungles and ravines of India. Most of the birds of India are rarely seen. For Swami Samarpan, bird photography is meditation, as it requires deep inner silence, oneness with nature and infinite patience.

Eric Gray and 21 Blackstreet:
New York is one of the most interesting places in the world. You never know who you're going to run into. At the Harlem Book Fair, this year, we were presented with the opportunity to meet Eric S. Gray.

Face Off: How to Draw Amazing Caricatures and Comic Portraits - A Book Review:
If you've been to a street fair or amusement park lately, you may have seen a caricature artist in action. People stop to have their comic portraits drawn in a cartoon style, often with very large heads and tiny bodies doing something funny. If you'd like to learn how to draw these types of drawings, the book, Face Off: How to Draw Amazing Caricatures and Comic Portraits, by Harry Hamernik, can help.
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