A Tale of Two Sculptures

Articulating what no words can explain (which not necessarily is a contradiction) could transform a life is one of the most rewarding achievements of art. Art has the power to speak to people. Some want to express the connection, and expressing that connection would be the first steps toward healing.

On Becoming a Comic Illustration Artist:
Your memories growing up include being into crazy about anything and everything comics. You are also as passionate when it comes to drawing. You follow and collect comic book stories and characters.

Picture Framing - Just What Your Memorable Photos Need:
Beautiful picture frames, be it of a doodle by a youngster or a family heirloom can add oodles to the charm of a good home decor. Is there a family photograph that you are dying to show the world? What about that drawing you made a couple of years ago? Or the awesome picture your 2 year-old kid coloured some time back? Do you often think they deserve a place of pride on your walls or the mantle?

Critical Information That You Must Provide Your Embroidery Digitizer:
Are you looking to get your company logo embroidered on a set of T-shirts, caps and jackets? If yes, then digitizing is the way to go.

Is Photo Retouching Good Or Bad?:
Photo retouching has received lots of criticism. They say that manipulating images is bad. Nothing can be called perfect in this world. This article is about finding out whether the act of photo retouching is something that we should appreciate. Read on.

Tips On Freelance Logo Design Charges:
In this article, I present to readers, tips on how much they can charge clients while working on logo design as freelancers. The inspiration for this article came from my observation that freelance logo designers tend to charge really low prices for their works of art (yes, that is exactly what they are - "works of art"!), which ultimately harms the entire logo design community.
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