Sculpting With Your Heart

Too much "thinking" blinded our sensitivity to creativity and the beauty of art expression around us. Sculpting with the heart is more important.

The Crisp Way to Crack Even the Cryptic Lot:
Since time immemorial, mankind has always evolved towards easing our way to make a living. We evolved from the apes that were quadrupeds to walking on two legs. Our brains evolved to discover fire, we learnt to build houses, rear cattle and we learnt to 'express'. Well, the prime thing that makes us stand out as a superior specie is - Communication. And as we know, the first form of expressive language is Pictography - a form of writing which uses representational and pictorial drawings. And this tiny bit of info back from your History textbooks is going to impact your business.

The Challenges in the Business of Art:
I imagine my art paying the bills so I can get in the studio and worry about nothing but to create. I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I want that!

Four Ways to Make Your Infographic Amazing:
These days infographics are everywhere. And if you're not using them you're missing out on the publicity they generate through social media traffic, news and blogging sites. Here are four ways to make sure the infographic you're creating is amazing.

The Art of Skateboards and Screen Printing:
Art is a visual phenom, which is personal and individualistic. Choosing artwork to be printed is a daunting task, and can leave you struggling to find your brands identity. In this article, I will provide some tips to help you in deciding what kind of artwork you want to use, and how to utilize it to transfer to a shirt, skateboards, or anything else.

Give New Life To Your Photos With A Photo Restoration Service:
So, you had better get your old photos restored. But why? The importance of photo restoration is much more than you think. Now, you may be thinking it is not very important but you will realize the importance of the old photos of your grandpa and grandpa when you will go over the age of 50. The only link to their past is the photos of them. If you don't get their pictures edited and restored today, they will continue to deteriorate, and one day they will become impossible to restore. So, you should not waste time and contact an image restoration service today and edit them on your own if you have the editing skills.
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