Artificial Intelligence Everywhere - A Book Review

Do you ever wonder how our modern day computers came into existence? If you do, then perhaps, you'd like to read some incredible history, and consider all the philosophical debate on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and some of the future perceived uses of this technology. If so, then I'd sure like to recommend an extremely interesting book to you. One that was well ahead of its time, and one that today would still make you think.

Considering on Implementing a Computer System - Some Thoughts on That:
If you are a decision maker that will be making recommendations, advising, consulting or even making the final and actual decision on a new computer or IT system then you need to understand the best process. Today's IT systems are costly and understanding this process will keep your organization from making mistakes. Thus, I'd like to recommend a very good book to you: "Computers for Jumping Profits; Understanding, Selecting, Evaluating and Implementing Computer Systems" by David C. Dykstra; 1983.

Learning How To Program In No Time:
In the ever-changing world of technology, learning how to program will be essential to staying ahead of the curve. This article aims at helping readers find the best books for programming.

Computer Running Slow?:
It is a common experience among the user of personal computers, or PCs, to find that the performance of their computer deteriorate over a period of time. Laments such as computer running slow, my pc is slow etc., prop up in informal meetings of these PC users.

The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT - Book Review:
If you are an IT college student, you are likely being gypped. Logic is no longer taught and it really is something you need. According to Roland Hughes, in his book, "The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT," "Logic is the fundamental tool of IT."

Computer Book Review - Microsoft's Next Leap Forward:
One of the greatest success stories of all times in the business world is perhaps the story and history of Microsoft. Selling software is a great business because once you create it, you can indeed sell it millions of times. And Microsoft has the advantage because their operating systems run on 95% of all computers in the World. Under the leadership of Bill Gates in all his creating brilliance and genius, he created one of the most dynamic and largest companies on a surface of the planet.

How to Get Rid of the VirtuMonde Virus the Right Way:
Do you need a sure-fire way to get rid of VirtuMonde or other spyware? Have you tried to remove this trojan virus without success? Do you want to avoid the expense and delay of taking it to a repair shop? Then, here finally is the one guide that will definitely help you to completely remove this nasty virus.

New Products - Leading or Bleeding Edge?:
We all love to be at the leading edge of technology. ? When you have the confidence of a technology-oriented mind, it is especially nice to try out the latest and greatest network products.
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