The Minimum You Need to know to be an OpenVMS

Do you want to be an OpenVMS Application Developer? If you don?t know what that is, then you probably don't need this book, but if you do, you?ve found the seemingly most comprehensive and readable guide to doing so. Roland Hughes? offering, ?The Minimum You Need to know to be an OpenVMS Application Developer? is an abundance of information that you cannot afford to be without.

My New iPad: A User's Guide Book Review - No Starch Press Book:
Wallace Wang, best seller of My New Mac and My New iPhone for the No Starch Press publisher has written a new book detailing everything you need to know about the iPad in a book called "My New iPad: A User's Guide." No Starch Press provided a reviewer's copy of "My New iPad: A User's Guide" for this review.

Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux - Tutorial for All:
Whether you are an end user, a system administrator, or a little of both, this book explains with step-by-step examples how to get most out of an Ubuntu system. The book is designed for a wide range of readers.

"The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT" by Roland Hughes - Book Review:
The last book in the series "The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT" covers the basics of problem solving from a programming perspective. It teaches the tools of flowcharting, pseudocode, the Leaping Lynn search algorithm and Insertion Sort concept and usage. Along with logic tools, Hughes also gives readers an idea of the types of challenges that IT professionals face on a regular basis and tactics for responding to these challenges.

MIT Has Come a Long Way - Book Review:
The Massachusetts Institute of technology or MIT has always been on the cutting edge of technology, and years ahead of the rest of the world. Their engineers, students, and professors have brought forth significant innovations, concepts, and they have literally changed the world. To fully understand how incredible this institution is and how long all of this has been going on, it takes a little bit of a history lesson.

How to Build a Computer - Complete With Resources - eBook Review:
Here is my review of the eBook How To Build A Computer - Complete With Resources. Why I like it, and why you will too.

Review of Objects First With Java - A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ (4th Edition):
Picking up a language like Java can be difficult for a beginner; even if you understand the methods you need to use to get results, it can be easy to overlook the basic processes behind how they all mesh together. Kolling and Barnes identified the need for a fundamental understanding of how each element of Java functions and interacts, and packaged this information into an easy-to-understand, although lengthy, book.

PDF Hacks - 100 Industrial Strength Tips and Tools by Sid Steward - Book Review:
If you have ever downloaded free ebooks, product manuals, consumer guides, etc from the web you are aware of PDF files. These files owe much of their popularity to the fact that they can be read on any computer with the free Adobe reader.
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