Asterix and Tintin - The Best Comic Books of All Time

Asterix Comics: Written by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo, Asterix Comics is a series of French comic books that was first published in the late 1950's. However, after the death of Rene, Uderzo took up both the tasks and has played an instrumental role in raising the popularity of the books. The main characters in the Asterix Comics are Asterix, a clever little Gaul, and his friend Obelix.

And You Thought You Knew What Life In the Slums of Beverly Hills Was Like - A Book Review:
We've all heard a lot about the way of life in Beverly Hills. Over time they've made themselves famous with their Rodeo Drive shopping district. There have also been a huge number of TV shows such as; The Beverly Hillbillies and 90210 depicting life in and around Beverly Hills. There was also a famous band called; Roxbury Drive, a very popular street in Beverly Hills. It is indeed a well-known city with lots of wealth, even our current president goes there to get campaign contributions quite often. There have also been many books written about the area, many quite controversial.

The Appeal Of Golden Age Comics:
Purchasing vintage comic books don't have to be a guess game. You should know how to carefully purchase these comics, so that the scheming sellers don't swindle you. The following are several tips to help you purchase these items.

Why Buy Comic Books?:
It is often a pleasure to buy comic books. Not only do they help people pass their leisure in a light mood but also create a possibility to gather wealth.

Is It Coz I'm Black?:
'Is It Coz I'm Black' is an opaque title for a collection of satirical essays about the new South Africa. It provides a fresh look at the fledgling democracy that is South Africa. The author uses a streetwise and politically incorrect language to tackle head-on the complex issues that afflict the republic and the individuals who make its malaise possible.

Is Wolverine the Most Successful X-Men Character?:
Of all the X-Men characters, only Wolverine appears to have made a huge impact for himself. Can he be regarded as the most successful X-Men character?

Funny Comics:
In every newspaper there is a section called the "comics" or the "funnies." Whatever the name of the section they are just that, funny comics. There are always a variety of different comic strips. Some point out things that are going on in society today, others are just non-sense. Either way, the funny comics always invoke laughter, at least for some people.

Chacha Chaudhary, The Diamond Comics Superhero:
Superheroes are usually young and powerful but here is an amazing old man who fights crime with his wit and knowledge. Chacha Chaudhary the old super hero from Diamond Comics is loved by kids and people of all ages in India and abroad. Here is a small guide to Chacha Chaudhary and his amazing comics.

Who Is the Joker? - Comic Book Villain:
The Joker is a fictional comic book super villain which has no known origin, but he does have various different ways of being portrayed. The joker is responsible for many of the dark knight's traumas throughout the history of both characters. Some of the biggest heart aches caused by the Joker include: The paralysis of Barbara Gordon, the death of Robin and the death of Rachel Dawes in the latest version of the Dark Knight movie.
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