New Funnies Is Excellent Golden Age Comic Book Run

New Funnies is a Golden Age comic book series that started off just called The Funnies. With issue No. 64 (in 1942), the comic began focusing on Walter Lantz characters, such as Andy Panda and Oswald the Rabbit. With issue No. 65, it was renamed New Funnies.

Naruto 528 Spoilers and Predictions:
I really dug this week's chapter, although not as much as the last few. It was exciting, but I felt the ending was a bit rushed. The art quality was mostly good, but that last panel looked off. And though I came around on Kinkaku and Ginkaku with subsequent readings of the chapter, I was underwhelmed by their abilities and the cliffhanger in my initial reading. And the ability to draw forth and seal souls seems a little on the nose. It's almost inevitable that the Allied Shinobi Forces will use those weapons to combat Edo Tensei.

Who Is Batman? The Mythology of the Dark Knight:
In this article we are going to discuss a superhero that is known as batman. Batman is a fictional comic book superhero created by Bob Kane and Bill finger.?Batman was first introduced to the world in 1939.

Who Is the Penguin?:
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot who is also known as the penguin is an arch enemy to the character Batman. The penguin is often seen as a secondary villain just behind the Joker. The Penguin was first introduced into comic book super fame when he was created by Bob Kane and Bill finger.

New Book Offers Dad-Style Humor to Benefit TBI Survivors:
Mark Elswick, survivor of a car crash and a Traumatic Brain Incident (TBI) writes with humor about his role as a man, father and boyfriend in this short collection of anecdotes from his life. Intermixed are a few serious essays to raise awareness about TBI. Partial proceeds from the sale of "Padman" will go to benefit Tramautic Brain Incident research.

Humor Book Review - The Future of Work:
Unlike most people, I love my work, and I suppose that's why I don't even consider it work, even though I must admit I am probably the hardest working person I know. Of course, what's that famous quote; "If you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life," and I suppose that is true enough.

Wonder Woman - The Fictional Superheroine:
If you are an avid reader of DC comics, you must be familiar with the character of Wonder Woman. She is the warrior princess of the immortal Amazons. The story borrows heavily from the Amazonians in Greek Mythology.

Marvel Comics Silver Age - What Made There Superheroes Like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk Great!:
An article talking about 1960's Marvel Comics. Known as the "Marvel Age of Comics" and what made their characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, etc. have lasting appeal. I discovered 3 key factors!

A Brief History Of The Evolution Of Vintage Comics:
For centuries now, comics have been printed and collectors classify them into 5 Periods: 1897 to 1937 Platinum; 1938 to 1955 Golden Age; 1956 to 1969 Silver Age; 1970- 1979 Bronze and 1980 to present Modern Era. The value for vintage comic books is given based on condition, issue and title and rarity. Some of the popular titles are Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk and X-Men.
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