Bedtime Reading: A Habit That Should Be Cultivated in Children

It is easiest to help your child develop healthy habits when he is below eight years of age. If a child is made to do a certain task on a routine basis he will eventually become habitual of doing so and will then continue following the routine over the course of his life.

Much Despair About Wealth Disparity:
Everyone knows that within a society, different people have different levels of material wealth and comfort. There will always be gaps between the "haves" and the "have nots." Over the past few years, however, the levels of wealth and income inequality in the United States have increased dramatically, making these major political and social issues. Wealth is important because people rely on it to carry them through financial emergencies, fund retirement, provide an education for their children, or to start a new business. Wealth translates into opportunity and quality of life. Differences in income and wealth are defined by the terms "income inequality" and "wealth inequality". These terms are increasingly used in politics, news, and academics, and have inspired controversy, debate. Let's explore why...

5 Things to Expect When Your Child Has Dental Surgery:
As a parent, you can help your child feel less anxious and more comfortable about having dental surgery by prepping them for what is about to happen. Usually, the more they understand what is going on the less their imaginations are running wild in the wrong direction. Here are 5 things to expect when you child has dental surgery.

Five Essential Tips for Motivating Your Child in Sports:
This article gives some important tips to the parents for motivating their kids in games and sports. As participating in physical activities is essential, this article can be useful for the parents.

You Don't Have to Be a Grown Up and Start Earning Money, Learn How to Earn Money As a Kid:
Whoever thought that only grown-ups could earn money was wrong. Nowadays, even kids and teenagers can earn their own money through numerous ways. One thing that hinders many people to earn their own money is the thinking that for them to earn good money, they have to wake up very early in the morning and go to work. They work for the whole day and go back home very much exhausted and if that is the case, they have earned money. They tend to assume that you have to work hard and get tired for the money that you earn. This is not true because you can learn how to make money as a teen and it will not involve getting all tired and worked up every day.

Protecting Kids During Playtime:
Play has often been called the work of children, a time when they exercise growing bodies, wild imaginations and all-important friendships. Whether your youngster is cavorting at the beach, on the playground, in the back yard or playing with other kids at day camp, you'll want to make sure they're having fun and staying free of any major injuries (the occasional scraped knee is pretty unavoidable!). Protect your youngsters and their pals from playtime hazards by following some sound safety guidelines.

Making Your Child Be More Responsible:
As we all know by now, there is no manual for parenting. If there was, it would be on a bestseller! Hopefully, this article can provide some assistance. As parents we are role models, caretakers and dispense advice, information as well as insert moral values. We do our best but sometimes make mistakes-we are after all, only human.

Let's Give Our Kids a Chance in Life - Keep Them Away From Using Alcohol and Drugs!:
I remember one time I had to see literally "stars" when one punched me on my jaw while I was trying to stop them hitting each other in front of my class. I was a newbie teacher then, and never expected such a thing could happen to me. From then on, I avoided being a "sandwiched" between two fighting kids. I did not want to see the "moon, sun and planets" anymore... or worse, the "dark hole"!
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