No, You Really Can't Teach An Infant To Read

I do believe in miracles and the extraordinary; therefore the idea of a baby beginning to read even at that tender age is not a complete impossibility in my books. But stepping outside the magical land of stunning exceptions, I do not feel we can really teach an infant to read, especially if it has no particular interest in doing so.

7 Things That Teenagers Wish Their Parents Understood:
The life of a child quickly changes from a little kid into a teenager. Teens find it harder to have someone understand them, especially the grown-ups in their life. I write this article as a reminder to parents who have forgotten what it was like being a teenager.

Tips on Preparing Your Child for the First Summer at Sleepaway Camp:
It's exciting and a little scary; your child is taking that big step, the first summer at sleepaway camp. Whether your youngster is following friends or siblings to camp or striking out bravely on his own, there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier for your child - and for you.

Why a Healthy Relationship With Your Teenage Daughter Is Uber Important:
How often do you say to yourself, "I'm doing an awesome job parenting my teenage daughter"? Yet in most areas you rock as a mom. You make sure she gets to school on time. You know when her assignments are due. You've done your research and hired the best tutor, or coach. You make sure the parents are home before she spends the night at her friend's house. You monitor her cell phone or laptop. You make sure she has a new dress and shoes for the dance. You shuttle her around town even though you have a full-time job. So why don't you feel great about the amazing job your doing as a parent?

5 Creative Ways To Find Fun Things To Do With Kids:
Keeping kids occupied is always the difficult part of summer. There might be summer camps but most of them last a week or two and are scattered throughout the summer months. What do you do to find what your child might like to keep them from getting bored? Here are five creative ways to find fun things to do with kids.

4 Reasons To Stop Tricking Your Kids Into Eating Healthy:
Does your child make the most creatively absurd faces on seeing even the slightest trace of veggies on his/ her plate? Don't be alarmed, a kid warming up to veggies and greens is a rarer phenomenon than most parents would like. Yet this does not undermine how vital it is for them to consume these in healthy portions, and integrate them into their diet.

Is It Just Because She's a Girl?:
Should the fact that my daughter is a girl, make a difference as to whether her male teammates judge her ability to play baseball based on that fact? or are we still living in a male dominated society?

Don't Stress - It's Just a Birthday Party!:
If you aren't careful, planning a birthday party can get out of hand and take over your life in a negative way. Take a few helpful hints to keep the plans for your child's big day in check and enjoyable.
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