My Life and Times in Bollywood And Beyond by Niilesh A Raje

The newly released book Flashback: My Life and Times in Bollywood and Beyond by Penguin Books India gives the readers wealth of information by sharing the best and bad times experienced in life by Bob Christo. The book gives an interesting insight about the many roles (Engineer, Adventurer, Lover,Mercenary and Bollywood villain) played by Bob Christo in real life.

Choosing Custom Frames to Get the Perfect Look:
At times, finding that perfect picture frame can be quite difficult. The normal size is very commonly available, however if you have something which is a little in size say a picture or certificate or a poster. Some people opt to alter the object to fit in the normal sized frame. Again you can get an oversized one and put your picture in. However, that is not the case anymore; if you choose custom frames, you will have no problem in getting that perfect look.

Elvis Photography Book - A Review:
Elvis Presley the King of Rock and Roll, what more can we say, he captured a generation, and embodied the spirit of America through his music. Still, it was the image that we hold on to as well.

San Francisco is the Most Photographed City in North America - A Book Review:
The Golden Gate Bridge towering over San Francisco Bay as the fog clears, a testament to mankind's will to overcome adversity, and a symbol to all of a great city. Perhaps, there is no other bridge in the world that captures the human spirit and imagination and there is definitely no city more photographed in the last 100 years than San Francisco. Some say that Las Vegas is more photographed, but mostly people buy post cards there and are too busy being tourists and gambling to take pictures.

Poster Frames - Sensible Options at Low-Price:
The poster frames are an excellent low-cost option to advertise for your company both indoor and outdoor! Be it the ultimate island getaway or an exceptional holiday decoration or the excellent home makeover, the poster open up new world to the customers. The possibilities of using a poster are unending and you will need poster frames to keep them safe from the outside weather and street-smart people.

Not Having Digital Photography Success?:
You download your photos to your computer, the ones you took at a once in a lifetime event, and you're disappointed with the results. They looked okay on your camera view screen but, on the computer screen some seem a little fuzzy, or too light or dark, or they have the dreaded "red-eye". You're just not having the digital photography success you want.

Living With a Divided Heart:
Rachel Power's 2008 book, The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood, is essential reading for any woman trying to combine an artist life with motherhood, be she a writer, painter, musician or any other sort of artist. In fact, the divided heart probably applies to all mothers, be they artists, stay-at-home-mums or working-for-pay mothers.

Silver Picture Frames - The Must Have Ones for Your Vintage Collection:
If we want to catch some glimpses from our distant or recent past, then it is easily through keeping some photographs taken during those times. These are visible in order to remember the fond memories from the past. This is the reason that photographs never get old and we never feel bored watching them repeatedly.
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