Framed Pictures - Let Your Memories Be Vivid Forever

Just like the fence outside your house, a picture frame protects some of the greatest treasures of your family - your family pictures. A little care will help you keep these treasures well protected and they will keep looking brilliant for several years to come. Here are two excellent steps to help you care for your photos.

Egyptian Art and the Cairo Museum:
Ancient Art is something that we marvel in the present period knowing that it was made by human DNA that we share some of today. Perhaps, no other art or artifacts have captured the human spirit and imagination as much as ancient Egyptian Art. So, let me recommend a very good book to you.

Poster Frames: Who Said You Cannot Have A Poster-Sized Frame?:
You had gone really mad when one of your friends told it is very difficult to have poster frames in your house. All your life, you have been yearning to have many poster-sized frames that will actually don your living area whenever you own a house. Now that you have a house of your own, you are desperate to have one.

Norman Rockwell an Artist For the Ages - Art Book Review:
Every once in a while a new artists hits the scene with a new style that takes us to a different place, capturing our imagination and human spirit. Norman Rockwell was indeed just such an artist, perhaps one of the best to ever walk the surface of the planet. Everyone who sees his work, takes a double take and is intrigued.

BBC TopGear 'My Dad Had One of Those' Book Review:
One of the best ways to remember days gone by is by looking at old photographs. We all remember the past easier when we're thumbing through the family photo albums. You can feel nostalgic once again with BBC's TopGear book by Giles Chapman titled MY DAD HAD ONE OF THOSE.

Artist Francis Bacon's Lifetime Accumulated Mess Transported Intact to Irish Museum:
Francis Bacon (1909-1992) is recognized as one of the most significant post-war painters, his macabre oil portraits acquired by major museum collections worldwide. London/New York publisher Merrell has produced a definitive, retrospective coffee-table volume on Bacon using the device of his unique (read unimaginably messy) studio as the investigative springboard into his career and lifework.

Tattoos Unlimited:
This e-book provides all the latest information on tattoos and on how to do it safely. From providing us with a huge database of designs, this e-book is quite comprehensive. To know more, read the review!

How to Collect Museum Catalogues From the Netherlands:
Collecting Crouwel, Sanberg and Wissing is not only valuable but fun too! How to start your collection of (dutch) MUSEUM catalogues from the most important designers from last century.
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