Book Review for Claude and Camille

Cowell pens a poignant tale full of spirit and the drive to succeed with "Claude and Camille," the story of Monet and the muse that was his wife, Camille Doncieux. The novel opens with a young Monet living on the French coast in a town called Le Havre. His father owns a nautical store and makes a modest living. Monet is known for his caricatures, but his older friend, Boudin, soon interests him in landscapes. Monet goes to study in Paris against his father's wishes.

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Light Fading - Reflections on the Imperiled Everglades:
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Worth Every Penny Book Review:
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Art Book Review - The Works of Marc Chagall:
Marc Chagall was undoubtedly one of the greatest Twentieth Century Painters of Europe, and his art and legendary status has withstood the test of time. Few could ever match his incredible productivity and ability to capture the imagination of his viewers.
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