In Pursuit of Wow by Tom Peters - Book Review

In this 1994 best seller Tom Peters collects anecdotes, interviews, observations, and ideas. While some of its content is a bit dated, most of it remains fresh and relevant. It stimulates thought and challenges us to reconsider all the truths about business, management and how to motivate people.

Can Being Happy Put More Money on Your Bottom Line?:
A book review of The Happiness Advantage by Shaun Achor, and how happiness can be good for your bottom line. We've been brought up to believe that if we're successful then we'll be happy - and that success could be losing weight, securing a promotion, buying a house... In fact, as Shaun Achor proves, it's actually happiness which fuels success (think the sun moving around the Earth and not the other way around). When we're positive, we're more creative, more motivated and more resilient. We have more energy and we get on better in all areas of our life. This book is the result of Shaun's studies over 10 years at Harvard University, plus lots of his own research with the likes of KPMG and UPS. The Happiness Advantage can be yours he tells us, and can help you gain a competitive advantage...

Learning to Speak Up:
In Speaking Up, Frederick Gilbert explains the importance of effective executive level presentations. Ineffective presentations produce undesirable results ranging from being ignored by the executive team to having the presentation cut short. This may result in having the suggested or requested proposal denied, and also paints the presenter as an ineffective communicator, which can lead to a stalled career. Gilbert sees the problem as in inability to differentiate between the preparation, methodology, and communication techniques used when presenting to peers and subordinates versus presenting to a company's executives. Offering practical advice, which includes studies, interviews, and comments from executives who have been on the other side of the table, Gilbert provides a blueprint for success for those who must present their ideas to the executive team.

New Summary Available for 'Advanced Presentations by Design':
Thinking, researching, planning, and doing-all the hard work of putting together a presentation is worth nothing if an audience is not convinced to act. Unfortunately, in this age when success depends so greatly on the ability to effectively communicate complex information, presenters are overwhelmed with bad presentation design advice. In 'Advanced Presentations by Design', marketing and communications expert Dr. Andrew Abela offers readers ten steps to improve presentation impact.

What Makes Nonfiction Books Beat the Competition?:
It's not easy to write, publish and sell your own eBooks. In fact writing the book is the easy bit. Selling it is a whole different ball game. With 100,000's of books being self published each year, how do you get your to feature in the Amazon best sellers lists? If you are seriously in need of help and serious about getting your book into the top 100 this book review is for you.

Breaking the Fear Barrier:
In Breaking the Fear Barrier, Tom Rieger exposes the corrosive element that eats away at the fabric of many organizations: fear. It is what forces employees and managers to protect themselves at all costs, often putting their personal agendas ahead of the success of their companies. It is what drives managers to exert maddening control over headcounts and resources. It is what compels department heads to knock down other departments in order to strengthen their own. These bureaucratic barriers are built as a response to fear. Employees suffer, success deteriorates, and efficiency dies-all at the expense of the organization. While these fear barriers might seem insurmountable, they are not. They can be destroyed by first understanding how fear works, then creating a culture of empowerment through courageous leadership.

HBR's 10 Must Reads On Managing Yourself:
Great managers are those who first effectively manage themselves. Self-awareness, introspection, and thoughtful planning and action in all aspects of life are what enable a manager to effectively lead others. HBR's 10 Must Reads On Managing Yourself invites managers to take a "critical look in the mirror" in their quests for professional success and personal fulfillment. Only then can managers take deliberate steps to manage their lives to maximize their talents, make contributions in everything they do, and become inspirational leaders and better human beings.

Connected CRM:
The world of marketing is changing dramatically with the emergence of three phenomena: the digitization of media, the propagation of social media networks, and the capability of consumers to access media at any time and from any place. In Connected CRM, David S. Williams describes how marketers are reacting with data-fueled, digital customer strategies and transformative business models. This approach is called connected customer relationship management (cCRM) and it uses customer knowledge to formulate and deliver the brand experiences that customers want. The cCRM approach combines enterprise segmentation that reinforces customer strategy, a combined targeting and customization effort that supports carefully-devised media and channel usage to personalize the customer experience, and an effective financial management competency that uses measurement and attribution methods to implement media and direct budget application.
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