Idea to Invention

In Idea to Invention, inventor, author, and motivational speaker Patricia Nolan-Brown reveals the steps needed to turn a concept into a profitable product. The ideas that evolve into useful, sought-after products can come to anyone, but they will not progress beyond mere thoughts unless inventors use their confidence and inquisitiveness to propel them to fruition. Inventors' ideas are precious, and to protect them from intellectual thievery, they need to be safeguarded with Non-Disclosure Agreements, Provisional Patent Applications, trademarks, and consultations with patent attorneys. Nolan-Brown addresses these issues as well as the decision process behind choosing a licensed manufacturer to make and sell the product or operating a home-based fabrication site. Product promotion is also described, including crafting an effective sales pitch, locating store buyers, utilizing trade show exposure, and optimizing online marketing.

Visiting Google In Dublin:
Visiting Google in Dublin was like being the kid in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory just without the golden ticket moment. I was in Dublin on business and was very fortunate to be invited for lunch at Google's European headquarters in Dublin.

How To Publish A Bestselling Book, By: Kim Staflund - Book Review:
An analogy can be drawn between new authors, and stereotypical young actors, fresh off the bus from Missouri. They arrive with a smile, brimming with enthusiasm, and if they're lucky, some talent. To succeed at your craft in an industry overrun with bigger names, greater talent, more experience, and people looking for precisely the right qualifications to suit their needs amid thousands vying for their attention, the process of creation alone is not enough.

When You Can - What Is Your Experience Going to Be?:
I have a friend who has been walking a path of spiritual awareness for many years. Like any path, it has its ups and downs and bumps in the road.

The Power Brand Marketing Strategy:
Sometimes, new owners of small businesses tend to think that branding is only for the larger corporations like Microsoft or Chrysler, but this is completely untrue. Having a strong and memorable brand identity can quickly become the very heart and soul of your business.

Using the Job Search Checklist:
Job loss can be one of the most devastating experiences in a person's life. Regardless of someone's education, income, or job level, job loss can trigger a personal and professional identity crisis. After personally going through job loss four times, Damian Birkel speaks from experience when he writes about the pain of job loss and the paralysis that occurs when facing a vast and conflicting number of job search materials and expert opinions. In The Job Search Checklist, Birkel condenses current and tested strategies into a comprehensive action plan that guides job seekers through the process of reemployment. With his proven seven-step process, checklists, and templates in hand, those who are underemployed, unemployed, or changing careers will be fully equipped to recover and land their next jobs.

The Combination of Comfort and On-The-Go Access Is Triumphing in the Market:
I always like covering what's happening in the financial world and today we will discuss about mobile solutions applied to finances: We live in a digital Era where the internet is making our lives more comfortable while speeding up certain processes. If you have been interested in the latest updates on the digital market, you can see that it's clear that mobile solutions are managing to make room in this competitive world.

We Are All Leaders:
The traditional portrayal of a leader as someone with a prestigious title capable of single-handedly managing a giant corporation has become obsolete in the modern business world. In a time of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, it is the organization with employees who lead themselves that is successful. In We Are All Leaders, Scandinavian entrepreneur and business guru Fredrik Arnander demonstrates that leadership is a mentality that can be adopted by everyone. Through a collection of his own leadership concepts and their three letter acronyms, Arnander offers strategies and tools that can transform anyone into an effective leader.
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