Book Review of Historical Books

These book reviews explore The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln. This book review explores a path to greatness of a President. Both The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln are reviewed.

The Unbound Prometheus by David S. Landes:
The Unbound Prometheus by David S. Landes considers the history of the Industrial Revolution and industrial development in general from the perspective of technological change and scientific innovation. Published in 1968, the book offers a detailed and comprehensive picture of progress and expansion in Europe's principal industries from 1750 to 1960. But this is much more than a collation of economic and social data. Landes offers comment and observation that offer true insight into human society, politics, consumerism and social change, insight that still finds resonance in contemporary events.

History As She Is Now Rarely Told - A Reflection On Oliver Cromwell By Frederick Harrison:
Frederick Harrison's late nineteenth century biography of England's revolutionary leader, Oliver Cromwell, describes the man warts and all. It catalogues his early and family life, his upbringing, his rise to political office and his overwhelming success on the battlefield. It might be short on analysis, but it does present the events that shook seventeenth century English society and led to a royal execution. Remarkably, Harrison's position is largely sympathetic to the Republican cause.

Mother Teresa Reflects On World Peace:
We all fathom how dearly Mother Teresa loved to spread love and compassion among all; therefore, very conspicuously, her advocacy for World Peace is no surprise. Some of the most popular books on Mother Teresa quote her thoughts on the World Peace.

Atheistic Pseudoscience:
This is a review of To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science by Steven Weinberg. I discuss the arguments for God's existence based on gaps in our understanding of the universe. The five gaps are: origin of the universe, origin of life, evolution, fine-tuning, and the thermodynamics of evolution. I also argue that the condemnation of Aristotle in the 13th century, not the discoveries of the 16th century, signaled the beginning of modern science.

Tale Of Arctic Survival Highlights Granddaddy Of Polar Exploration:
"Farthest North: America's First Arctic Hero and His Horrible, Wonderful Voyage to the Frozen Top of the World" tells the little-known story of one of the most gripping Arctic expeditions of all time. Despite sickness, mutiny, gnawing hunger, and the malevolent cold, intrepid explorer Elisha Kent Kane and his men made discoveries that influenced theories about the Ice Age and developed survival strategies that would be the model for generations of future explorers.

A Hard Road to Travel, By: Patty Tyson Wilson:
Life during the American Civil War from 1861 to 1864 was A Hard Road to Travel for everyone who lived it. Jack Trundal is becoming a man, and a soldier as he and his cousins leave their family farms to fight on the bloody battlegrounds of their home state of Kentucky. They also fight battles in Tennessee, and Georgia. The author tells us "each of these military battles, places, units and officers are real and details are taken straight from the pages of history."

The Origins and First Publicized Use of the Name Inkeri:
Inkeri-land is the geographical area, located at the east end of the Gulf of Finland, and the Lake Ladoga (Karelia Isthmus) along the Neva River, Narva River and Lake Peipus. The area that the Inkeri-ethnic group of the Baltic Finns historically lived from around 2000 BC to 1920's.
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