The Liberator Written By Alex Kershaw

I have always been interested in WWII books that tell the true story of so many of our military exploits from that war. I think this book by Alex Kershaw is told better than any book I have read on the subject. He knows how to write about his subject by using words and phrases that make the reader thoroughly understand what they are reading and finds the story getting better as it goes. The European zone in which our gallant military fought contains so much information told in a great way. Felix Sparks was born and raised in Miami, Arizona, an area that suffered the ravages of the great depression as much as the rest of the nation.

Military System in the Tang Dynasty:
Emperor Taizong and Emperor Gaozong started military expeditions to the East Turki State and the West Turki State, annihilated Gaochang (present Xijiang Province), Koguryo and Pache, defeated Japan in the battle of Hakusukinoe, and waged war against Khitan, Mohe (an ancient nationality in northeast China) and Tiele during their reigns. In addition, the Tang Empire conflicted with the Arabic Countries and the Abbasid dynasty in Central Asia, ending up with the Tang Empire withdrawing from Central Asia owing to its domestic war (Anshi Rebellion).

Over There: War Scenes On The Western Front by Arnold Bennett:
Over There: War Scenes On The Western Front by Arnold Bennett clearly sets out to offer a mildly propagandist view of the First World War. In a short journalistic journey through France and Belgium, he visits sites of recent action and describes the destruction he saw. His view is partial, but by the end of the book, even Arnold Bennett seems no more than merely exhausted, like many of the people he met. It is this transformation through the progress of this short book that makes it still worth reading.

World War II Brought Shame and Hardship to Japanese Americans:
World War II was a time when the Constitution did not protect innocent Japanese Americans and their immigrant parents who were forcibly removed from their West Coast homes and incarcerated in camps in remote areas of the country. They had done no wrong and were imprisoned for no reason other than their ethnic heritage. This was the result of racial prejudice, war hysteria, and a lack of competent government leadership.

Book Review - Vanessa Greatorex's Wilmslow Through Time:
Wilmslow, home to almost 40 000 people, including celebrities such as Alex Ferguson and Coronation Street's Bill Roach, is the subject of an excellent new book, Wilmslow Through Time, available on Amazon, by Chester author and historian, Vanessa Greatorex. This review taps into the murderous undercurrents that Greatorex, in her excellent storybook-style history, identifies beneath Wilmslow's Cheshire set gentility!

Reflections on the Rosicrucian Manifesto:
The current year, 2014, marks the 400th anniversary of the Rosicrucian manifesto, Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis, first published in Germany in 1614. To celebrate the anniversary, this article probes one of the manifesto's mysteries.

Viking Long Boats, Stone Castles And Fortress Hills:
The Ingria-land people saw the long boat traffic start, Viking ships entering in and out of the Neva River, starting around at 800AD. They were unchallenged on their journeys to the lake Ladoga and beyond.

Award-Winning Vietnam War Novel Has Supernatural Twist:
Don Meyer's "The American War," winner of the 2012 Reader Views Literary Awards for Best Historical Fiction, is the fascinating story of a Vietnam soldier who finds himself dreaming of a Civil War campaign. This mystery, mixed with gritty realism and tight dialogue makes "The American War" an original and memorable addition to fiction about the Vietnam War.
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