Brain Surgery For Brain Cancer Patients

If you are a brain cancer patient, you may be informed by your doctor that brain surgery is a necessity. Brain tumors have the capability of producing several different uncomfortable symptoms in the individual that has them.

Cell/Cordless Phones and the Link to Malignant Brain Tumours:
The largest scientific experiment in the history of the world is underway right now and guess what: it's our children that are the guinea pigs. As cell phone use ramps up globally children are using both cordless and wireless devices and parents are unwittingly allowing their underdeveloped brains to be exposed to massive dose of radiation when the telephone earpiece is placed against the side of the head. If parents really knew the dangers do you think for one minute they would expose their children this way? In other parts of the world these facts have been demonstrated through studies but here in North America and in Canada the denial continues. The government says there is no risk, the manufacturers say there is no risk but studies, more than 170 of them suggest there is a link and many doctors and scientists are sounding the alarm.

Types of Brain Cancer Treatment:
There are several different types of brain cancer. It is important to know and understand that treating a brain tumor should be customized to you. While treatments are typically standardized, it is important for the treating doctor to consider your age, as well as any and all health complications that you may experience.

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors - New Evidence of Wireless Mobile Phone Linked to Brain Cancer:
OK, here we go again. Decades ago, there was widespread panic over the possibility that overhead high tension electrical power lines could be a cause of cancer for people living in close proximity or underneath them. When that was disproved, the doomsday crowd went onto blame cell phones as a possible risk of brain cancer due to tiny amounts of radiation emitted when the phone is transferring data. Thus far, after dozens of studies, there has been NO conclusive evidence that cell phones produce a significant enough amount of radiation to create a measurable increase in the risk of cancer. But is there a cause for concern? Just who conducted those tests?

Late Effects: Cognitive Changes That Can Result From Cancer Treatment:
After surviving a battle with cancer, there are many other issues that can still arise. Cognitive changes can happen for a number of reasons, based on the age, gender, type of treatment, and a number of other factors. By being informed, parents and health care professionals can work to minimize the impact these may have on a child's life.

Stem Cell Banking and Back Up - Sure Why Not, Will They Help Cure Cancer Too?:
Stem Cell discoveries give hope and promise to human health and longevity. Some have questioned the ethics of stem cell use to prolong life, regenerate body parts, and maintain human health for religious reasons. Not everything is as cut and dry, and stem cells only work as well as they have been programmed and they can be hijacked quite easily and cause other problems in the event the individual has a diseased area where they are injected or even a cancer.
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