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Pediatric brain tumors and brain cancer, while rare, are considered to be the deadliest of all childhood cancers. While the incidence rate may be relatively low, with approximately 3,400 new cases diagnosed annually in the United States, the mortality rate of children with these types of cancers is significantly higher than other childhood cancers and diseases. Roughly one-third of these kids will not survive beyond five years.

Children's Brain Tumor and Brain Cancer Awareness Opens Doors for Support, Education and Research:
Every year, an estimated 3,400 children in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor or brain cancer. Approximately one third of these children will survive no more than five years, making brain and spinal cord tumors the deadliest of all childhood cancers.

3 Signs That You Might Have Brain Cancer:
Brain cancer is an abnormal metastatic cell growth in the brain. The three important signs that could indicate cancer in the brain are headache, dizziness and seizures. The other symptoms of this condition are general body fatigue, drowsiness and problems with hearing and vision.

The Benefits of Brain Cancer Home Care:
There are many benefits associated with brain cancer home care. If your condition has progressed dramatically, it is not at all unusual for the medical professional that is involved in your case to express a concern about receiving additional assistance so that day to day activities are completed easier and the overall quality of life is improved.

What You Need to Know Regarding Brain Tumors:
Normally, cells will grow and divide to form another new cell, as long as the body needs the cells. As cells are growing old, the cells die, and they will be replaced by the new cells.

An Introduction to Medulloblastoma:
Medulloblastoma is a type of brain tumor that is often found in patients that have brain cancer - particularly children. This type of tumor grows quite rapidly in the lowest rear region of the brain. Medical professionals refer to this area as the cerebellum. In many instances, it is also referred to as the posterior fossa.
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