Compass Helps Business Leaders Create Exceptional Companies

Compass by William F. Brandt, Jr., is an excellent guide for businesses and business leaders. Brandt draws upon his expertise as the past CEO of American Woodmark, the third largest cabinet manufacturing company, to provide insights and lessoons and tools for business leaders to create exceptional companies.

Explore the World of Mobile Marketing!:
The Internet and social media have been game-changing in terms of expanding and personalizing a business's marketing capabilities and enabling organizations to communicate more effectively with a broader audience. However, these two tools are not the be-all and end-all in marketing. In The Mobile Marketing Revolution, Jed Alpert explains how there is much more to be gained by companies and marketers who recognize the incredible power of mobile to reach, engage, and retain customers. "Going mobile" is all about establishing an ongoing personal and productive relationship with customers wherever they are, which is increasingly on their mobile devices. Alpert claims a simple text message can be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship that builds business and creates loyal customers. When mobile is combined with other communication assets, the results are unbeatable.

How to Master the Art of Selling: Improve Your Sales by Learning New Skills:
Let's face it. The success of any business depends upon selling, no matter what type of business it is, whether the model is providing services or products of any kind. Yet many people assume that to be good at sales, one must be naturally gifted or talented with the ability to sell.

DREAM BIG: How the Brazilian Trio Behind 3G Capital Acquired Anheuser-Busch, Burger King and Heinz:
Category: Business - Reading time: 4.5 hours - Rating: 6/10 - This book narrates the career stories of Brazil's richest man, Jorge Paulo Lemann, and his two main associates. Jorge Paulo graduated early from Harvard University with a degree on Economics, and right off the bat started working on the financial sector on Brazilian banks.

English for the Financial Sector:
The book I am going to present for a critical review is titled "English for the Financial Sector" which was published by Ian Mac Kenzie from Cambridge Professional English. I deliberately chose the student's book which can be purchased for 16.45 pounds. Herein, I will primarily explain the structure of the book and then focus upon its units and contents in terms of quality and practical application in business life.

The Humble Inquiry:
By learning to ask better questions, leaders can build positive, trusting relationships that lead to more open communication and strengthen organizations. In Humble Inquiry, Edgar H. Schein shares insights he has gained during 50 years of consulting with various organizations. As status increases, Schein argues, the art of questioning becomes more difficult. American culture emphasizes that leaders must be wise and set direction, which predisposes them to tell rather than ask. Leaders need to employ humble inquiry to create a climate of openness that makes everyone feel safe sharing critical information. This goal is especially important in an increasingly complex, interdependent, and culturally diverse world, as everyone must work successfully with people from different occupational, professional, and national cultures.

Data. Strategy. People. Which One Is Most Important for 2015?:
With 2015 less than a week away, I have seen numerous articles and posts about how companies need to gather more data and learn how to use it better (strategy) to reach their business goals for 2015. What is conspicuous by its abscence is the "people" component of all that.

Business Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs:
Having a great idea and the motivation to strike-out on your own is a good first step in pursing the feasibility of a business. However, it takes more than motivation and a great idea to get things started. This article will reveal some of the simplest considerations that most would-be business-owners overlook.
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