Law Firm Branding - The Danger Of Illusory Brands

Over the last ten years, we have witnessed advances in law practice technology, the expanding roles of paralegals, and the outsourcing of legal work. Yet despite all of these cost-cutting and time-saving advantages, many law firms, especially the large ones, remain struggling for their very survival.

Learning to Be a Supportive Colleague in the Workplace:
Employees know how to compete, be aggressive and self-centered but special training is needed in collegial ethics so co-workers can treat each other with kindness, fairness and a sense of justice. Michael J. Kuher, Phd, tells us how to be supportive colleagues in his new book.

Figuring Out What It Takes to Succeed:
In What It Takes, businessman and teacher Charles D. Ellis describes the seven secrets of companies and firms that are not simply "good," but the definitive leaders in their fields. These secrets of success include casting a vision by creating a mission and enacting that vision through a particular culture of attitudes and behaviors. Successful companies also handle their workers well, from recruiting only the best, to having the best training, to developing people to become effective leaders. Great firms, furthermore, focus on delivering the best results to the best clients, thus forming good client relationships. Excellent service also often requires innovation, or re-thinking how employees, branches, and even the company as a whole do business. Finally, every great company requires great leadership to hold all of these facets together. In the end, the greatest companies do not only create excellence, they sustain it.

Enough Is Enough: Sustainability in Business:
There is a dark side to economic growth. The relentless pursuit of "more" has ushered in some of humanity's greatest advances, but a toll has been exacted from the environment and the citizens of the globe. In Enough Is Enough, Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill issue a rally cry for a new economy and a new reality. They advocate a transition to a "steady-state economy," where exponential growth and resource exploitation surrenders to lives lived within ecological and social limits. In this brave new world, gross domestic product (GDP) measurements and the mania of the stock market are replaced by the codification of human ideas such as happiness, comfort, contentment, and peace. Lifestyles must downshift, the environment must be properly cared for, and social inequality must be redirected toward oblivion.

New Summary of Become the Real Deal:
Regardless of people's business goals, whether they aspire to reach the highest levels of leadership or become influential within their own spheres, they must do what it takes to be viewed as the "real deal." Become the Real Deal by Connie Dieken takes people through the three layers of self development toward becoming sincere leaders in a world that lacks transparency. There are three layers of the self that people must master if they want to become great leaders; inner presence, verbal presence, and outer presence.

How To Build Trust In The Workplace:
In baseball, football, soccer, someone wins and someone loses. Zero sum games are a way of life in our society.

Economic Optimization of Innovation and Risk, By: Robert Shuler:
Title: Economic Optimization of Innovation & Risk Author: Robert Shuler Publisher: Robert Shuler ISBN: 978-0-9911130-4-0 Pages: 100 Genre: Non-fiction, Business Risk, that lingering element of uncertainty ever present in any contemporary business or scientific project, is an all important element that must be mastered as it can and will determine the eventual success or failure of any venture. Within his book, "Economic Optimization of Innovation & Risk" author Robert Shuler introduces readers to his uniquely salient theory and mathematical equation concerning risk, known as Crash Rate theory. The crash...

Critical Book Review - Conscious Capitalism:
Believe it or not, capitalism is not evil, but can be very beneficial. Discover how the CEO of Whole Foods views capitalism through 4 Tenets and how you can be intentionally conscious about capitalism as well.
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