Solve Your Money Troubles by Robin Leonard and Margaret Reiter

If you are one of the millions of honest, hardworking people that are having troubles paying your debts, Robin Leonard and Margaret Reiter's book "Solve Your Money Troubles: Debt, Credit & Bankruptcy" might be just the book you need to help you get back on track toward a fresh start. This book is a very good tool to help people regain their financial sanity when all debts broken loose.

5 Healthy Ways to Improve Your Memory:
Do you ever find yourself walking into a room only to find you've forgotten what you were going in there for? Do you constantly lose your car keys?

Beyond Performance Management:
An impressive number of management tools are available to help businesses optimize performance and surpass their competition, but research has determined that only 30 percent of these tools achieve the desired results. In Beyond Performance Management, Jeremy Hope and Steve Player review 40 of the best known tools, from mission statements, strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and key value drivers, to lean manufacturing, six sigma, and outsourcing and offshoring. They explain how to select the best tools for specific organizational needs, how to employ them correctly, and how to obtain the most value from each. Beyond Performance Management offers critical insights on these management tools and the knowledge that business leaders need to use them effectively.

New Book Provides Priceless Advice for Cultivating Practical Leadership:
In "Unlocked," Robert Murray shares stories from his long career that illustrate what it takes to be a leader and specifically defining what is practical leadership. As a self-described "turn around mercenary for businesses," Murray reveals what it takes to be a real leader, including putting your company and employees first. Beyond just telling us about how to use technology, cultivate employee loyalty, and use common sense in your business dealings, Murray knows how to turn a phrase and tell a story so the information stays with the reader and becomes practical and useable.

New BBS Summary Extends Angel Investor Advice:
As head of the New York Angels investment group, Brian Cohen has evaluated his share of startups. In What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know, Cohen puts the reader inside the mind of an angel evaluating a startup. He enters a deal not just as an investor but as an adviser, mentor, and rich source of contacts. He wants to get to know company leaders intimately and share their dreams of success. The advice is both inspirational and educational, ranging from helping to develop the right outlook on seeking investors to how to conduct due diligence. Cohen and John Kador employ the voices of successful entrepreneurs, angels, and venture capitalists to round out this "how to" for startups.

Simplifying New Sales:
New customers are the lifeblood of any business. Yet, for the average salesperson, the process of acquiring new customers creates anxiety and confusion. In "New Sales. Simplified." Mike Weinberg suggests that new sales success is not achieved through complicated strategies, but by executing the basics well. By drawing from his years of experience as a sales executive and coach, Weinberg provides salespeople of all experience levels with a well-structured framework to identify the best target accounts, leverage key sales tools, and plan successful new sales attacks.

How to Say Yes to the Mess:
In Yes to the Mess, Frank J. Barrett presents a new pattern for leading and collaborating in organizations. Like experienced jazz players, leaders need to adopt the art of unlearning rigid, routine-based practices and embrace approaches that encourage simultaneous performance and experimentation. When people within an organization feel comfortable providing novel ideas and supporting each other in the fluid exchange of insights, the result is innovation. Jazz bands are flexible, organized, and combine sufficient constraints and synchronization to foster diversity. Innovative organizations can do the same to inspire exploration and experimentation by allowing their people to respond to intuitive insights.

How to Publish a Book in Canada, By: Kim Staflund - Book Review:
How to Publish a Book in Canada is a very instructive book for any author - in and out of Canada. Though the book is specifically for Canadian authors, writers from any country will gain insight from this book. Kim Staflund has written a very useful book about how to become a successful published author.
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